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Sparking an interest in B movies for a generation of television viewers, Mystery Science Theater 3000 aired first on the independent Minnesota station KTMA station beginning in November 1988. The following year, the fledgling Comedy Channel (later Comedy Central) picked up the show, where it ran for seven seasons before cancellation in 1997. The Sci-Fi network then picked up the show, running for three more seasons until the network canceled its order for new shows. The series then aired in reruns until 2002.

Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl ForresterFrank Conniff and Trace BeaulieuJoel Hodgson as Joel RobinsonMike Nelson

LEFT: Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester in a Sci-Fi Channel-era shot. CENTER A: Frank Conniff as TV's Frank and Trace Beaulieu as Dr. Clayton Forrester in a Comedy Central episode. CENTER B: Series creator Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson. RIGHT: Mike Nelson took over the role as host in the middle of season 5

The cast of the series, including series creator Joel Hodgson, Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, Mike Nelson, Josh Weinstein, Kevin Murphy, Mary Jo Pehl, and Bill Corbett, has since branched off into two different factions: Rifftrax (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett) and Cinematic Titanic (Joel Hodgson, Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, Mary Jo Pehl, and Josh Weinstein). Rifftrax focuses on downloadable 'riffs' on current films, as well as downloads of entire movies with riffs. In addition, the stars of Rifftrax moved to television on April 1, 2014, with the show Total Riff Off, which has them poking fun at National Geographic shows and will air on the National Geographic Channel. Cinematic Titanic has released several DVDs but concentrates on live shows in a number of U.S. venues. Sadly, 2013 was the last year of live shows for the cast of Cinematic Titanic, as they announced a hiatus, which is most likely the end of Cinematic Titantic.

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The Mads Are Back
Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff regularly tour the country with their hilarious shows, during which they riff an old film. Visit The Mads website and follow them on Facebook to see where they will perform next.

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett riff films available for download (some are hysterically funny!) and also do three live shows each year, which are simulcast to movie theaters throughout the country.

The following actors and actresses starred in at least one film that aired on the series:
Gordon Scott · Reg Park · Steve Reeves · Kirk Morris · Arch Hall Jr. · Mamie Van Doren · Tommy Kirk · Deborah Walley · George Nader · Ken Clark · Yvette Vickers · Dolores Fuller · Barbara Nichols · Alan Steel · George Reeves · Beverly Garland · Allison Hayes · John Ashley · Hugh Beaumont · Bela Lugosi · Joy Harmon · Miles O'Keeffe · Reb Brown · Lori Nelson · Mara Corday · Richard Denning · John Agar · Lloyd Bridges · Hugh O'Brian · John Phillip Law · Marisa Mell · Wanda McKay · Ralph Byrd · Nancy Kovack · Lee Van Cleef · Peter Graves · Susan Cabot · John Carradine · Lon Chaney Jr. · Christopher Lee · Richard Carlson · John Lupton · Tor Johnson · Donald Pleasence · Fred Williamson · Mike Connors · Ray Danton · John Bromfield · Lois Maxwell · John Saxon · Virginia Leith · Jack Palance · Gloria Talbott · Adam West · Gerald Mohr · Peggie Castle · Marie Windsor · Mary Beth Hughes · Tab Hunter · Peter Brown · Tom Neal · Grant Williams · Coleen Gray · Craig Stevens · William Hopper · Joyce Holden · Marla English · Barbara Hale · Bill Williams · Leslie Parrish · Wendell Corey · Yvonne Romain · Cameron Mitchell · Jorge Rivero · Russell Johnson · Alex Nicol · Sally Todd
In addition, the films The Horror of Party Beach and Village of the Giants were featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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