Superheroes and Serial Stars

Visit the Kirk Alyn page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Kirk Alyn was the first actor to portray Superman onscreen in two Columbia Studios serials. Bruce Bennett Bruce Bennett was a former Olympic gold medalist who starred in The New Adventures of Tarzan. He acted in other serials until he was signed by Warner Bros.
Visit the Reb Brown page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Reb Brown starred as Captain America in the 1970s; in the 1980s, he was the lead in Yor, the Hunter from the Future. Ralph Byrd Ralph Byrd acted in many serials but is most famous for portrayed in the title character in Republic's Dick Tracy serials in the late 1930s and early 1940s.
Ray Crash Corrigan Fitness trainer turned actor Ray 'Crash' Corrigan landed his first big role in the science-fiction themed Undersea Kingdom serial from 1935. Visit the Buster Crabbe page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Former Tarzan Buster Crabbe took on the roles of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers in late 1930s serials.
Visit the Lou Ferrigno page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Lou Ferrigno's first starring role was in the CBS-TV series The Incredible Hulk. Later, he went on two portray Hercules in two 1980s films. Visit the Allan Lane page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Western star Allan Lane starred in a number of Republic serials, such as King of the Royal Mounted, King of the Mounties, and The Tiger Woman.
Visit the George Reeves page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Although George Reeves was the second actor to don Superman's cape, he is perhaps the best-remembered actor in the role. Visit the Kane Richmond page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Serial star Kane Richmond had great success in 1930s and 1940s serials, including Republic's Spy Smasher and Columbia's Brenda Starr, Reporter.
Visit the Jean Rogers page at Brian's Drive-In Theater At Universal, Jean Rogers was the queen of serials, starring in Flash Gordon, Ace Drummond, and Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars. Visit the Tom Tyler page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Like many other western actors, Tom Tyler also did double-duty as an action hero. Tyler starred as Captain Marvel and The Phantom in two 1940s serials.
Visit the Adam West page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Batman star Adam West has enjoyed a long career in films and television. He's best known as the Caped Crusader from the campy 1960s series Batman. Visit the Van Williams page at Brian's Drive-In Theater Surfside 6 heartthrob Van Williams was cast as The Green Hornet in the mid 1960s.

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Ralph Byrd and Boris Karloff
starring in the 1947 film Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
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