Born Jorge Pous Ribe in Mexico City, Mexico, on June 15, 1938, handsome matinee idol Jorge Rivero has been billed at times as George Rivers and George Rivero. Rivero was raised on a ranch and proved to be an excellent athlete, excelling in track and jai-alai. Graduating from Colegio Universitario Mexicano in 1960 with a chemical engineering degree, Rivero soon left that discipline behind and developed a taste for acting.

Jorge RiveroJorge RiveroJorge RiveroJorge Rivero

LEFT: Jorge Rivero lifts weights in this late 1960s photo. CENTER and RIGHT: Beefcake photos from the 1970s

For Rivero's first film appearance, he was cast in in Rene Cardona's wrestling movie The Invisible Assassin (1965) but wears a mask throughout the film. His breakthrough role came in the western El Mexicano (1966; directed by Rene Cardona), making him a star overnight in his native Mexico. Kicking off a string of westerns for the young actor, he followed up with Pistoleros de la frontera (1967). He also found time to appear in a few wrestling films and was teamed with the famed Santo in Operacion 67 (1967) and El Tesoro de Moctezuma (1968; with Amadee Chabot). However, his most notorious role came in The Sin of Adam and Eve (1969), in which Rivero and costar Candy Wilson appear nude throughout much of the film. By 1970, Rivero had offers from Hollywood and acted in the big-budget films Soldier Blue (1970; with Candice Bergen and Donald Pleasence) and Rio Lobo (1970; with John Wayne and Jennifer O'Neill). Afterward, Rivero continued to act in both Mexican and U.S. productions.

the films of jorge rivero

Operacion 67 (1966)

Jorge Rivero and SantoJorge Rivero and SantoJorge Rivero and Elizabeth Campbell

Operacion 67 was one of the Santo series of films, produced from the late 1950s through the early 1980s. LEFT and CENTER: With Santo, the famed Mexican wrestler. RIGHT: With Elizabeth Campbell

El Tesoro de Moctezuma (1966)

Jorge Rivero and Santo

Lobby card from El Tesoro de Moctezuma, another Santo film. Rivero is shown wrestling in the ring in the upper left photo

Como pescar marido (1967)

Fanny Cano and Jorge Rivero

With Fanny Cano in the Mexican comedy Como pescar marido

The Sin of Adam and Eve (1969)

Jorge RiveroJorge RiveroJorge RiveroJorge RiveroJorge Rivero and Candy WilsonJorge Rivero and Candy Wilson

From the then-shocking The Sin of Adam and Eve, produced by Azteca Films. Some images include Candy Wilson as Eve

Confesiones de una adolescente (1970)

Jorge Rivero

From the Mexican drama Confesiones de una adolescente

Rio Lobo (1970)

Jorge Rivero, John Wayne, and Jennifer O'Neill

With John Wayne and Jennifer O'Neill in Howard Hawks' western Rio Lobo

Las Cautivas (1971)

Jorge Rivero and Fanny Cano

With Fanny Cano in Las Cautivas

Indio (1971)

Jorge Rivero

Rivero stars in the western Indio

Basuras humanas (1972)

Jorge Rivero and Isela Vega

With Isela Vega in Basuras humanas

El payo (1974)

Jorge RiveroJorge Rivero

Rivero is the title character in the Mexican thriller El payo

Bellas de noche (1975)

Jorge Rivero

Rivero takes a punch in Bellas de noche

Evil Eye (1975)

Jorge Rivero

Rivero portrays troubled Peter Crane in the Italian horror flick Evil Eye

The Last Hard Men (1976)

Jorge Rivero and James Coburn

With James Coburn in the 20th Century Fox western The Last Hard Men

Angel negro (1977)

Jorge RiveroJorge Rivero

From Angel negro

El Mexicano (1977)

Jorge Rivero

From the western miniseries El Mexicano

El Tahur (1980)

Jorge Rivero

Jorge Rivero comes between Amparo Munoz and her husband in El Tahur

Las Mujeres de Jeremias (1980)

Jorge Rivero

From the comedy Las Mujeres de Jeremias

Conquest (1983)

Jorge Rivero

As Mace in the Italian-made adventure flick Conquest

jorge rivero today

Jorge Rivero and his first wife, the mother of his two sons, parted ways in the late 1970s. Now married to screenwriter Betty Moran, who acted with her husband in the 1987 film Counterforce, Rivero divides his time between his Hollywood Hills home and his ranch in Mexico. Although he has not appeared in a film since The Pearl (2001; with Richard Harris), he remains active in filmmaking as a producer. Avid Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will remember Rivero in the horror film Werewolf (1996; with Richard Lynch and Joe Estevez), which is MST3K episode #904.

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The Pearl (2001) with Richard Harris
Blue Devil, Blue Devil (1996)
Warrior of Justice (1996) with Richard Lynch
Werewolf (1996) with Richard Lynch and Joe Estevez; this film was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000
Guns & Lipstick (1995) with Sally Kirkland
With Criminal Intent (1995) with Joe Estevez and Kent McCord
Death Match (1994)
Ice (1993) with Traci Lords
La Sombra del Tunco (1990)
Fist Fighter (1988) with Edward Albert and Mike Connors
Counterforce (1987) with Isaac Hayes, Louis Jourdan, Andrew Stevens, and George Kennedy
Killing Machine (1986) with Lee Van Cleef, Willie Aames, and Margaux Hemingway
Mi fantasma y yo (1985)
Goma-2 (1984)
Conquest (1983) with Andrea Occhipinti
Entre ficheras anda el diablo: La Pulqueria 3 (1983)
Las Vedettes (1983)
Target Eagle (1982) with Chuck Connors and George Peppard
Abierto dia y noche (1981)
La Pulqueria 2 (1981)
Priest of Love (1981) with Ava Gardner
Jesus, el nino de Dio (1980)
Las Mujeres de Jeremias (1980) with John Ireland and Chuck Connors
Morir de madrugada (1980)
La Pulqueria (1980)
Las Tentadoras (1980)
Day of the Assassin (1979) with Chuck Connors, Glenn Ford, Henry Silva, and Richard Roundtree
The Gambler (1979)
Erotica (1979)
Adriana del Rio, actriz (1978)
Las Carinosas (1978)
Juventud sin freno (1978)
Manaos (1978)
Munecas de medianoche (1978)
Noches de cabaret (1978)
Angel negro (1977)
El Cuatro dedos (1976)
La Playa vacia (1976)
Beatriz (1976)
The Last Hard Men (1976) with Charlton Heston, James Coburn, Barbara Hershey, Michael Parks, Larry Wilcox, Thalmus Rasulala, and Robert Donner
Columbo: A Matter of Honor (1976) with Peter Falk, Ricardo Montalban, and A Martinez
Evil Eye (1975) with Richard Conte
Maten al leon (1975)
El Mejor regalo (1975)
Bellas de noche (1975)
Eroticofollia (1974)
El Llanto de la tortuga (1974)
El payo (1974)
La Montana del diablo (1973)
Basuras humanas (1972)
Los Leones del ring contra la Cosa Nostra (1972)
Acapulco 12-22 (1971)
Las Cautivas (1971)
Hoy he sonado con Dios (1971)
Indio (1971)
The Two Brothers (1971)
Rio Lobo (1970) with John Wayne, Jennifer O'Neill, Jack Elam, Victor French, Mike Henry, Bill Williams, and Jim Davis
Soldier Blue (1970) with Candice Bergen, Peter Strauss, and Donald Pleasence
La Hermana Dinamita (1970)
Confesiones de una adolescente (1969)
Una Mujer honesta (1969)
Paraiso (1969)
Mujeres de medianoche (1969)
The Sin of Adam and Eve (1969) with Candy Wilson
Estafa de amor (1968)
El Tesoro de Moctezuma (1968) with Santo and Amadee Chabot
Operacion 67 (1967) with Santo
Pedro Paramo (1967)
Arrullo de Dios (1966)
Como pescar marido (1966)
Los Endemoniados del ring (1966)
La Vuelta del Mexicano (1965)
The Invisible Assassin (1965)

La Chacala, 1998 series
Balada por un amor, 1990 series
Gabriel y Gabriela, 1982 series
Centennial, 1978 miniseries
El Mexicano, 1977 miniseries
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