Born Marjorie Helen Parrish in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, on March 13, 1935, beautiful Leslie Parrish originally began her career as a pianist but began modeling in order to pay the bills. Soon Parrish was hired by NBC, becoming known as the "NBC color girl," since NBC ran early color broadcast tests using Parrish as a live model in order to balance skin tones using the new technology. Relocating to California late in 1954, Parrish was soon discovered by a 20th Century Fox talent scout and was signed to a contract. After a few bit roles, she later signed with MGM in 1956, but MGM soon released Parrish from her contract. However, she freelanced afterward and landed sizable roles in such low-budget films as Tank Battalion (1958; with Don Kelly and Frank Gorshin) and Missle to the Moon (1958; with Richard Travis, Cathy Downs, and Gary Clarke). Her breakthrough role came in Paramount's musical comedy Li'l Abner (1959; with Peter Palmer and Julie Newmar).

Leslie Parrish

Late 1950s photo of Leslie Parrish

Li'l Abner wasn't the hit that Paramount's executives thought it would be. Nevertheless, for the next few years Parrish acted in several films and numerous television shows, including Perry Mason, Hawaiian Eye, and 77 Sunset Strip. As a result of her busy career, her marriage to first husband Eric ended in divorce in 1961 after six years. The following year, she landed a role in John Frankenheimer's thriller The Manchurian Candidate (1962; with Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, and Angela Lansbury).

the films of leslie parrish

Li'l Abner (1959)

Peter Palmer, Billie Hayes, Gordon Mitchell, and Leslie Parrish

From the Paramount musical comedy Li'l Abner. Among those pictured are Peter Palmer, Billie Hayes, Gordon Mitchell, and Leslie Parrish

Surfside 6 (1960-1962 ABC TV Series)

Leslie ParrishLeslie Parrish and Lee Patterson

LEFT: Parrish as Sunny Golden in an episode of Surfside 6 titled Circumstantial Evidence, which originally aired on April 17, 1961. RIGHT: With Lee Patterson in a 1961 episode titled Circumstantial Evidence

Portrait of a Mobster (1961)

Vic Morrow and Leslie ParrishLeslie ParrishLeslie Parrish and Peter Breck

From the Warner Bros. crime drama Portrait of a Mobster. LEFT: With Vic Morrow. CENTER: Parrish as Iris Murphy. RIGHT: With Peter Breck

For Love or Money (1963)

Julie Newmar, Leslie Parrish, Mitzi Gaynor, and Kirk Douglas

With Julie Newmar, Mitzi Gaynor, and Kirk Douglas in the Universal comedy For Love or Money

Sex and the Single Girl (1964)

Tony Curtis and Leslie Parrish

With Tony Curtis in the Warner Bros. comedy Sex and the Single Girl

Three on a Couch (1966)

Jerry Lewis and Leslie ParrishJames Best, Jerry Lewis, Gina Golan, Leslie Parrish, and Mary Ann MobleyLeslie Parrish, Mary Ann Mobley, and Gina Golan

From the Columbia comedy Three on a Couch. LEFT: With Jerry Lewis. CENTER: With James Best, Jerry Lewis, Gina Golan, and Mary Ann Mobley. RIGHT: With Mary Ann Mobley and Gina Golan

Star Trek (1966-1969 NBC TV Series)

Leslie Parrish

As Carolyn in the Star Trek episode Who Mourns for Adonais?, which originally aired on September 22, 1967

The Money Jungle (1968)

Leslie Parrish and John EricsonLeslie Parrish

From the little-seen thriller The Money Jungle. LEFT: With John Ericson. RIGHT: Parrish as Treva Saint

The Candy Man (1969)

Leslie Parrish

Parrish as movie star Julie Evans in the made-in-Mexico drug-themed crime drama The Candy Man, released by Allied Artists

The Devil's 8 (1969)

Leslie Parrish and Christopher GeorgeRoss Hagen and Leslie ParrishRalph Meeker and Leslie Parrish

From the American International crime drama The Devil's 8. LEFT: With Christopher George. CENTER: With Ross Hagen. RIGHT: With Ralph Meeker

leslie parrish today

While never reaching stardom, Parrish stayed busy in films and making guest appearances on popular television shows until the late 1970s. Avid Mystery Science Theater 3000 viewers will recall Parrish as Ev Kester in The Giant Spider Invasion (1975; with Barbara Hale and Steve Brodie). She remarried in 1977 to writer Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Not long after their marriage, Leslie Parrish retired from acting. Parrish and Bach parted ways in 1997. Today, Parrish remains retired.

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Crash! (1977) with Jose Ferrer, Sue Lyon, John Ericson, and John Carradine
The Astral Factor (1976) with Robert Foxworth, Stefanie Powers, Sue Lyon, Elke Sommer, and Cesare Danova
The Giant Spider Invasion (1975) with Steve Brodie, Barbara Hale, Alan Hale Jr., Robert Easton, and Bill Williams
Banyon (1971) with Robert Forster, Darren McGavin, Jose Ferrer, Anjanette Comer, Herb Edelman, Hermione Gingold, and Ray Danton
D.A.: Conspiracy to Kill (1971) with Robert Conrad, William Conrad, Belinda Montgomery, Don Stroud, Roger Perry, Virginia Gregg, and Olan Soule
Brother, Cry for Me (1970) with Larry Pennell and Richard Davalos
The Devil's 8 (1969) with Christopher George, Fabian, Ross Hagen, Ralph Meeker, Robert DoQui, and Lada Edmund Jr.
The Candy Man (1969) with George Sanders
The Money Jungle (1968) with John Ericson, Lola Albright, Charles Drake, Don Rickles, Michael Forest, Dub Taylor, and Edy Williams
Three on a Couch (1966) with Jerry Lewis, Janet Leigh, James Best, Mary Ann Mobley, and Gila Golan
Sex and the Single Girl (1964) with Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda, Lauren Bacall, Mel Ferrer, Fran Jeffries, Edward Everett Horton, Larry Storch, Stubby Kaye, Otto Kruger, and Max Showalter
For Love or Money (1963) with Kirk Douglas, Mitzi Gaynor, Gig Young, Thelma Ritter, Julie Newmar, William Bendix, Dick Sargent, William Windom, Elizabeth MacRae, Alvy Moore, and Billy Halop
The Manchurian Candidate (1962) with Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva, James Gregory, and John McGiver
Portrait of a Mobster (1961) with Vic Morrow, Peter Breck, and Ray Danton
Li'l Abner (1959) with Peter Palmer, Stubby Kaye, Julie Newmar, Stella Stevens, Billie Hayes, Gordon Mitchell, and Brad Harris
Missile to the Moon (1958) with Richard Travis, Cathy Downs, K.T. Stevens, Gary Clarke, Michael Whalen, and Laurie Mitchell
Tank Battalion (1958) with Don Kelly, Frank Gorshin, and Barbara Luna
The Opposite Sex (1956) with June Allyson, Joan Collins, Ann Sheridan, Ann Miller, Leslie Nielsen, Jeff Richards, Agnes Moorehead, Charlotte Greenwood, Joan Blondell, and Alice Pearce
The Virgin Queen (1955) with Bette Davis, Richard Todd, Joan Collins, Herbert Marshall, and Dan O'Herlihy

Police Story, episode No Margin for Error, originally aired April 30, 1978
Logan's Run, episode The Collectors, originally aired September 13, 1977
McCloud, episode The Gang That Stole Manhattan, originally aired October 13, 1974
Police Story, episode The Ripper, originally aired February 12, 1974
The Magician, episode Shattered Image, originally aired January 8, 1974
Adam-12, episode Gifts and Long Letters, originally aired December 20, 1972
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, episode Operation: Smokescreen, originally aired March 10, 1972
Cade's County, episodes Slay Ride: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired January 31, 1972 and February 6, 1972
Bearcats!, episode Blood Knot, originally aired November 4, 1971
Hogan's Heroes, episode Kommandant Gertrude, originally aired February 28, 1971
Mannix, episode The Other Game in Town, originally aired October 31, 1970
Love, American Style, episode Love and the Arctic Station/Love and the Pulitzer Prize/Love and the Tattoo, originally aired February 5, 1971
Love, American Style, episode Love and the Comedy Team/Love and the Divorce Sale/Love and the Mountain Cabin, originally aired December 8, 1969
To Rome with Love, episode A Palazzo Is Not a Home, originally aired November 16, 1969
Petticoat Junction, episode The Tenant, originally aired November 8, 1969
Mannix, episode The Playground, originally aired October 18, 1969
Family Affair, episode Speak for Yourself, Mr. French, originally aired March 17, 1969
Mannix, episode The Girl in the Frame, originally aired March 16, 1968
The Big Valley, episode A Bounty on a Barkley, originally aired February 26, 1968
The Iron Horse, episode Dry Run to Glory, originally aired January 6, 1968
The Man from U.N.C.L.E., episode The Master's Touch Affair, originally aired October 16, 1967
Good Morning, World, Buy Calimari, originally aired October 3, 1967
Star Trek, episode Who Mourns for Adonais?, originally aired September 22, 1967
Batman, episodes The Duo Defy and Ice Spy, originally aired March 29, 1967 and March 30, 1967
Tarzan, episode Mask of Rona, originally aired February 17, 1967
The Wild Wild West, episode The Night of the Flying Pie Plate, originally aired October 21, 1966
My Three Sons, episode Stag at Bay, originally aired September 15, 1966
Batman, episodes Fine Feathered Finks and The Penguin's a Jinx, originally aired January 19, 1966 and January 20, 1966
The Wild Wild West, episode The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth, originally aired October 1, 1965
The Reporter, episode Murder by Scandal, originally aired November 27, 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode The Kamchatka Incident, originally aired November 12, 1964
The Lieutenant, episode Operation Actress, originally aired March 28, 1964
Channing, episode A Doll's House with Pom Pom and Trophies, originally aired December 4, 1963
Alcoa Premiere, episode Chain Reaction, originally aired February 21, 1963
Hawaiian Eye, episode Four-Cornered Triangle, originally aired February 14, 1962
Bachelor Father, episode Kelly and the Yes Man, originally aired January 9, 1962
Hawaiian Eye, episode Services Rendered, originally aired December 21, 1960
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Left-Handed Liar, originally aired November 25, 1961
Surfside 6, episode The Affairs at Hotel Delight, originally aired November 6, 1961
Follow the Sun, episode Busman's Holiday, originally aired October 22, 1961
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Impatient Partner, originally aired September 16, 1961
Surfside 6, episode Circumstantial Evidence, originally aired April 17, 1961
77 Sunset Strip, episode The Positive Negative, originally aired January 27, 1961
Michael Shayne, episode Death Selects the Winner, originally aired December 23, 1960
Bat Masterson, episode A Time to Die, originally aired December 15, 1960
The Roaring 20's, episode Champagne Lady, originally aired October 22, 1960
The Aquanauts, episode Collision, originally aired September 21, 1960
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Madcap Modiste, originally aired April 30, 1960
Bat Masterson, episode The Elusive Baguette, originally aired June 2, 1960
Tightrope, episode Gangster's Daughter, originally aired April 12, 1960
The Rough Riders, episode Deadfall, originally aired May 21, 1959
Steve Canyon, episode Operation Big Thunder, originally aired January 3, 1959

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