Born Pierre de Lappe in New York City on October 5, 1935, actor Peter Brown was raised in Spokane, Washington, by his mother and stepfather. Following graduation from high school, Brown went into the US Army, which is when he cultivated an interest in acting. Following his discharge, Brown moved to the Los Angeles area to break into show business. While working an odd job at a gas station, Brown met Jack Warner, and the Warner Bros. studio chief soon signed the young actor to a contract. His first major job for the studio was a part in an episode of Colt .45 titled The Peacemaker, which aired in October 1957. Small roles in other Warner Bros. series and films followed, until he was cast as Deputy Johnny McKay in the Warner Bros./ABC western series Lawman.

Will Hutchins, Peter Brown, Jack Kelly, Ty Hardin, James Garner, Wayde Preston, and John Russell

A 1958 still of Warner Brothers western TV series stars. From left to right: Will Hutchins, Peter Brown, Jack Kelly, Ty Hardin, James Garner, Wayde Preston, and John Russell

Brown remained under contract with Warner Bros. until Lawman was canceled in 1962. He then freelanced in several films, including Summer Magic (1963; with Hayley Mills, Burl Ives, and Deborah Walley), Kitten with a Whip (1964; with Ann-Margret and John Forsythe), and Ride the Wild Surf (1964; with Tab Hunter, Barbara Eden, Fabian, and Shelley Fabares). Eventually, Brown signed a contract with Universal in 1965 and was cast in the NBC western series Laredo (1965-1967; with William Smith, Philip Carey, and Neville Brand). Brown's contract with Universal lapsed after Laredo was canceled in 1967, so Brown went back to work as a freelance actor. He had great success in early 1970s exploitation films, including memorable roles in Chrome and Hot Leather (1971; with William Smith and Marvin Gaye), Piranha (1972; with William Smith and Ahna Capri), and Foxy Brown (1974; with Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, and Sid Haig). From the late 1970s onward, the bulk of Brown's work has been in television, both as a guest star on popular television programs and as a regular in several daytime dramas, including Loving and One Life to Live.

the films of peter brown

Lawman (1958-1962 ABC TV series)

John Russell and Peter BrownJohn Russell and Peter BrownJohn Russell and Peter Brown

With John Russell on the ABC TV series Lawman

Merrill's Marauders (1962)

Jeff Chandler, Peter Brown, Ty Hardin, Andrew Duggan, and Will Hutchins

From the Warner Bros. war film Merrill's Marauders with Jeff Chandler, Ty Hardin, Andrew Duggan, and Will Hutchins

Kitten with a Whip (1964)

John Forsythe and Peter Brown

From the low-budget Universal thriller Kitten with a Whip with John Forsythe

Ride the Wild Surf (1964)

Tab Hunter, Fabian, and Peter BrownBarbara Eden, Fabian, Tab Hunter, and Peter Brown

From the Columbia beach flick Ride the Wild Surf. LEFT: With Tab Hunter and Fabian. RIGHT: With Barbara Eden, Fabian, and Tab Hunter. Brown went blonde for his role in this film

A Tiger Walks (1964)

Peter Brown

From the Disney drama A Tiger Walks

Laredo (1965-1967 NBC TV Series)

Neville Brand and Peter Brown

From Brown's NBC western TV series Laredo. This episode is titled Three's Company, which first aired on October 14, 1965

Three Guns for Texas (1968)

William Smith, Martin Milner, Peter Brown, and Neville BrandRalph Manza and Peter Brown

LEFT: From the Universal western Three Guns for Texas with William Smith, Martin Milner, and Neville Brand. This film is actually three episodes of Laredo edited into a feature film. RIGHT: With Ralph Manza

Act of Vengeance (1974)

Peter Brown

From the rape-themed AIP crime flick Act of Vengeance

Foxy Brown (1974)

Pam Grier and Peter Brown

With Pam Grier in the blaxploitation classic Foxy Brown

later years

Active in films and television for nearly fifty years, Peter Brown is now retired from acting. In 2005, Brown wrapped his career with a pair of films: Three Bad Men (2005; with George Kennedy) and Hell to Pay (2005; with James Drury, Lee Majors, and Denny Miller). Sadly, Peter Brown passed away on March 22, 2016, at the age of 80. He was survived by his wife Kerstin, whom he married in 2008, two sons, and a daughter.

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Hell to Pay (2005) with Lee Majors, Denny Miller, Andrew Prine, William Smith, Stella Stevens, Bo Svenson, and Buck Taylor
Three Bad Men (2005) with June Wilkinson
Land of the Free? (2004) with Todd Bridges
Y.M.I. (2004) with Jeff Conaway
Big Chuck, Little Chuck (2004) with Anne Lockhart
The Wedding Planner (2001) with Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Rocco, Joanna Gleason, Fred Willard, and Kathy Najimy
Wasteland Justice (1999) with William Smith
Asylum (1997) with Robert Patrick and Malcolm McDowell
Fists of Iron (1995) with Michael Worth, Jenilee Harrison, and Sam J. Jones
Demonstone (1989) with Jan-Michael Vincent
The Messenger (1986) with Fred Williamson, Christopher Connelly, and Cameron Mitchell
The Aurora Encounter (1986) with Jack Elam, Dottie West, and Spanky McFarland
Cover Up (1984) with Jon-Erik Hexum, Richard Anderson, Mary Crosby, Louis Jourdan, Doug McClure, Jennifer O'Neill, and Catherine Oxenberg
The Concrete Jungle (1982) with Jill St. John, Tracey Bregman, Barbara Luna, and Nita Talbot
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Everything (1980) with Robert Hays, Pam Dawber, Ed Nelson, Maurice Evans, Macdonald Carey, and Jill Ireland
Top of the Hill (1980) with Adrienne Barbeau, Elke Sommer, Sonny Bono, Macdonald Carey, Rae Dawn Chong, Mel Ferrer, Gary Lockwood, Paula Prentiss, and Wayne Rogers
Salvage (1979) with Andy Griffith, Joel Higgins, and Richard Jaeckel
Slashed Dreams (1975) with Anne Lockhart, Robert Englund, Rudy Vallee, and James Keach
Act of Vengeance (1974) with Jo Ann Harris, Lada Edmund Jr., and Steve Kanaly
Memory of Us (1974) with Ellen Geer, Will Geer, Barbara Colby, and Rose Marie
Foxy Brown (1974) with Pam Grier, Antonio Fargas, Terry Carter, Kathryn Loder, and Sid Haig
Piranha (1972) with William Smith and Ahna Capri
Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) with William Smith, Marvin Gaye, and Bobby Pickett
The Big Escape (1970) with Rick Jason
Hunters Are for Killing (1970) with Burt Reynolds, Melvyn Douglas, Suzanne Pleshette, Larry Storch, Martin Balsam, Jill Banner, Don 'Red' Barry, and A Martinez
Three Guns for Texas (1968) with Neville Brand, William Smith, Martin Milner, Philip Carey, Albert Salmi, Cliff Osmond, and Michael Conrad
Kitten with a Whip (1964) with Ann-Margret, John Forsythe, Patricia Barry, Richard Anderson, Ann Doran, and Audrey Dalton
Ride the Wild Surf (1964) with Fabian, Shelley Fabares, Barbara Eden, Tab Hunter, Susan Hart, and James Mitchum
A Tiger Walks (1964) with Brian Keith, Vera Miles, Pamela Franklin, Sabu, Edward Andrews, Una Merkel, Kevin Corcoran, Merry Anders, Frank Aletter, and Jack Albertson
Summer Magic (1963) with Hayley Mills, Burl Ives, Dorothy McGuire, Deborah Walley, Eddie Hodges, Michael J. Pollard, Una Merkel, and James Stacy
Merrill's Marauders (1962) with Jeff Chandler, Ty Hardin, Andrew Duggan, Will Hutchins, and Claude Akins
Darby's Rangers (1958) with James Garner, Jack Warden, Edd Byrnes, Venetia Stevenson, Stuart Whitman, William Wellman Jr., and Andrea King

The Bold and the Beautiful, 1987-present CBS daytime drama. Brown portrayed Blake Hayes during the 1991-1992 season
The Young and the Restless, 1973-present CBS daytime drama. Brown portrayed Robert Laurence from 1981-1982 and from 1989-1991
One Life to Live, 1968-present ABC daytime drama. Brown portrayed Charles Sanders during the 1986-1987 season
Loving, 1983-1995 ABC daytime drama. Brown portrayed Roger Forbes during the 1983-1984 season
Laredo, 1965-1967 NBC TV series. Brown portrayed Chad Cooper. Also in the series was William Smith, Philip Carey, and Neville Brand
Lawman, 1958-1962 ABC TV series, produced by Warner Bros. Brown portrayed Deputy Johnny McKay from 1958-1962. Also in the series was John Russell

JAG, episode Real Deal SEAL, originally aired May 9, 2000
One West Waikiki, episode Along Came a Spider, originally aired September 1, 1994
Wings, episode Noses Off, originally aired October 8, 1992
Baywatch, episode Shark Derby, originally aired March 2, 1990
Hunter, episode Partners, originally aired January 7, 1989
1st & Ten, episode Caught in the Draft, originally aired October 19, 1988
Aaron's Way, episode New Patterns, originally aired May 25, 1988
Ohara, episode Last Years Model, originally aired March 12, 1988
The A-Team, episode The Theory of Revolution, originally aired October 24, 1986
Airwolf, episode Little Wolf, originally aired February 1, 1986
Simon & Simon, episode Mobile Home of the Brave, originally aired January 30, 1986
Knight Rider, episode Knight Behind Bars, originally aired December 6, 1985
Crazy Like a Fox, episode Till Death Do Us Part, originally aired January 20, 1985
Riptide, episode Peter Pan Is Alive and Well, originally aired December 11, 1984
The Fall Guy, episode San Francisco Caper, originally aired November 21, 1984
Cover Up, pilot episode, originally aired September 22, 1984
Whiz Kids, episode Father's Day, originally aired April 21, 1984
Simon & Simon, episode The Dillinger Print, originally aired March 8, 1984
Manimal, episode High Stakes, originally aired November 5, 1983
T.J. Hooker, episode Chinatown, originally aired October 15, 1983
T.J. Hooker, episode Carnal Express, originally aired October 8, 1983
Hart to Hart, episode As the Hart Turns, originally aired March 1, 1983
Magnum, P.I., episode Heal Thyself, originally aired December 16, 1982
Dallas, episode Denial, originally aired January 15, 1982
The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo, episode Airsick, originally aired February 3, 1981
Fantasy Island, episode Elizabeth's Baby/The Artist and the Lady, originally aired January 17, 1981
The Dukes of Hazzard, episode Officer Daisy Duke, originally aired February 1, 1980
California Fever, episode Beach Wars, originally aired December 11, 1979
Project U.F.O., episode Sighting 4026: The Atlantic Queen Incident, originally aired July 5, 1979
Flying High, episode Brides and Grooms, originally aired December 15, 1978
The Eddie Capra Mysteries, episode Breakout to Murder, originally aired December 1, 1978
Vega$, episode The Pageant, originally aired November 15, 1978
Charlie's Angels, episode Angels Ahoy, originally aired November 8, 1978
Wonder Woman, episode Hot Wheels, originally aired September 29, 1978
Quincy M.E., episode Main Man, originally aired November 11, 1977
The Streets of San Francisco, episode One Last Trick, originally aired January 6, 1977
Police Woman, episode Above and Beyond, originally aired October 31, 1975
Matt Helm, episode Murder on Ice, originally aired October 25, 1975
Marcus Welby, M.D., episode The Covenant, originally aired September 30, 1975
Matt Helm, episode Dead Men Talk, originally aired September 20, 1975
Police Story, episode Love, Mabel, episode The Gamble, originally aired November 26, 1974
Police Story, episode The Gamble, originally aired March 26, 1974
The Magician, episode The Vanishing Lady, originally aired October 9, 1973
The Bob Newhart Show, episode Tennis, Emily?, originally aired September 30, 1972
Medical Center, episode Deadlock, originally aired February 16, 1972
O'Hara, U.S. Treasury, episode Operation: Spread, originally aired November 5, 1971
Mission: Impossible, episode Blind, originally aired September 18, 1971
Dan August, episode The Manufactured Man, originally aired March 11, 1971
My Three Sons, episode The Love God, originally aired January 9, 1971
The Most Deadly Game, episode War Games, originally aired November 28, 1970
The Mod Squad, episode The Debt, originally aired December 30, 1969
The Virginian, episode A Small Taste of Justice, originally aired December 20, 1967
The Danny Thomas Hour, episode The Enemy, originally aired November 20, 1967
The Virginian, episode We've Lost a Train, originally aired April 21, 1965
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode One Tiger to a Hill, originally aired December 3, 1964
The Virginian, episode Return a Stranger, originally aired November 18, 1964
Wagon Train, episode Those Who Stay Behind, originally aired November 8, 1964
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode The Action of the Tiger, originally aired February 20, 1964
Wagon Train, episode The Geneva Balfour Story, originally aired January 20, 1964
Redigo, episode The Blooded Bull, originally aired October 1, 1963
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, episode Death of a Cop, originally aired May 24, 1963
Wagon Train, episode The Adam MacKenzie Story, originally aired March 27, 1963
The Gallant Men, episode The Bridge, originally aired January 26, 1963
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, episode Forecast: Low Clouds and Coastal Fog, originally aired January 18, 1963
77 Sunset Strip, episode Wolf, Cried the Blonde, originally aired November 23, 1962
Cheyenne, episode Pocketful of Stars, originally aired November 12, 1962
77 Sunset Strip, episode The Gang's All Here, originally aired June 29, 1962
Hawaiian Eye, episode Lalama Lady, originally aired June 20, 1962
Maverick, episode Hadley's Hunters, originally aired September 25, 1960
Sugarfoot, episode Hideout, originally aired April 1, 1958
Cheyenne, episode Ghost of Cimarron, originally aired March 25, 1958
Cheyenne, episode Renegades, originally aired February 11, 1958
Cheyenne, episode Top Hand, originally aired December 31, 1957
Maverick, episode Stage West, originally aired October 27, 1957
Colt .45, episode The Peacemaker, originally aired October 18, 1957
Maverick, episode Point Blank, originally aired September 29, 1957

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