Bodybuilder and actor Reg Lewis was born in Niles, California, on January 23, 1936. He began bodybuilding at a young age, winning his first title at age 17. Lewis jump-started his film career with the assistance of actress Mae West who, in 1954, enlisted a gym full of bodybuilders (including Lewis, Mickey Hargitay, Gordon Mitchell, and Dan Vadis) and took them and her act on a tour of nightclubs to various cities across the nation. West's male revue created a sensation; according to Gordon Mitchell, the show and the men were a big hit with the all-female audiences. Lewis often acted as an escort for Miss West, taking her to film premieres, nightclub openings, and other high-profile events throughout the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. And Lewis appears in West's last film, Sextette (1978; with Timothy Dalton).

Reg LewisReg LewisMr. AmericaMuscle Builder

LEFT: Lewis graces the cover of this October 1966 issue of Muscle Builder. CENTER A: May 1957 Muscle Power. CENTER B: October 1965 Mr. America. RIGHT: December 1961 Muscle Builder

Reg Lewis was active in the sport of bodybuilding for 30 years, from the 1950s through the 1980s; here is a listing of his many titles:

Junior Mr. Olympics Winner (1953) Lewis won this title at age 17.
Mr. Olympics Winner (1956)
Mr. Pacific Coast Winner (1956)
Mr. Physical Fitness Winner (1956)
Mr. Universe Professional Class Winner (1957)
Mr. USA-AAU Second Overall (1957)
Mr. Hercules chosen by Mae West (1960)
Mr. America Winner (1963)
Olympia-IFBB Third (1970)
Natural America Masters Overall Winner (1982)
Mr. America Over Forty Winner (1983)

Ed Fury, Mae West, and Reg LewisReg Lewis in 1963Reg LewisReg Lewis

LEFT: Lewis with Mae West and Ed Fury in the late 1950s. CENTER A: Photo of Lewis upon winning the title Mr. America. CENTER B and RIGHT: Late 1950s physique photos

Reg LewisReg LewisReg Lewis

LEFT: At Muscle Beach. CENTER: Posing for Russ Warner. RIGHT: With Dick Dubois (center) and Irvin "Zabo" Koszewski (right) at Muscle Beach in 1960. Dubois was Mr. America 1954 and Mr. USA 1957. Koszewski was Mr. California (1953 and 1954) and Mr. Los Angeles 1953

Lewis began his film career with a starring role in the feature Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (1962; with Margaret Lee). Making just a few films during his career, mostly in the 1960s, his best-known film is Don't Make Waves (1967), in which Lewis stars alongside Tony Curtis, Sharon Tate, and Dave Draper.

the films of reg lewis

Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (1962)

Reg LewisReg LewisReg Lewis

Lewis in three scenes from Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules

Don't Make Waves (1967)

Reg Lewis and Dave DraperReg Lewis, Dave Draper, Chet Yorton, and Tony CurtisReg Lewis, Dave Draper, and Chet Yorton

Behind-the-scenes shots from Don't Make Waves. LEFT: Lewis with Dave Draper. CENTER: Lewis gives Dave Draper an adjustment while Chet Yorton reads. RIGHT: Lewis with Dave Draper and Chet Yorton

Sextette (1978)

Reg Lewis and Mae WestReg Lewis and Mae WestKalman Szkalak, Reg Lewis and Mae West

LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT: Lewis with Mae West in scenes from West's last film, Sextette. The right-hand photo includes Kalman Szkalak

Reg Lewis and Natalie Wood

Lewis with Natalie Wood in the early 1970s

later years

Reg Lewis passed away on February 14, 2020, at age 86.

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Sextette (1978) with Mae West, Timothy Dalton, and Dom Deluise
Don't Make Waves (1967) with Tony Curtis, Sharon Tate, and Dave Draper
The Brass Bottle (1964) with Barbara Eden and Burl Ives
Fire Monsters Against the Son of Hercules (1962) with Margaret Lee and Myra Kent


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