Born in New Jersey on April 16, 1942, Dave Draper is a 1965 Mr. America, 1966 Mr. Universe, and 1970 Mr. World who made several film and TV appearances in the 1960's, including Don't Make Waves (1967; with Tony Curtis) and the entertainingly gruesome black comedy Lord Love a Duck (1966; with Roddy McDowall). Also, he made a 1967 appearance as Mr. Universe on the CBS-TV show The Beverly Hillbillies. Draper eventually left acting for business endeavors and is presently the manager of the World Gym in Santa Cruz, California.

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Dave DraperDave DraperDave DraperDave DraperDave Draper

LEFT: Betty Weider and Dave Draper in a late 1960s shot used for a health drink advertisement (thanks to Peter). CENTER A: Weider and Draper in a photo used for the May 1969 cover of Mr. America (thanks to Harold Forsko). Visit The Betty Weider Website to see the original ad. And visit Dave Draper's IronOnline site to see the original cover. CENTER B, C, and RIGHT: Bodybuilding pictures of Dave Draper from the late 1960s (thanks to Harold Forsko and Peter Vlachoutsakos)

Dave DraperDave DraperDave DraperDave Draper

More photos of Dave Draper. The right photo is from the 1965 Mr. America competition

the films of dave draper

David the Gladiator

Although Dave Draper never acted in a sword and sandal film, he was once host of a Los Angeles TV program with an emphasis on sword and sandal movies. Billed as "David the Gladiator," Draper hosted a movie each Saturday night on Channel 9. The station was then known as KHJ-TV, owned by RKO.

Dave DraperDave DraperDave DraperDave DraperDave Draper

Draper as David the Gladiator (thanks to Peter Vlachoutsakos, Kevin Norwood, and Vickie Wees)

Dressed in gladiator leathers, Draper hosted an early 1960s sword and sandal movie from 8-10 PM, on Saturday nights. The program lasted for about a year or so, and the movies that were run featured Steve Reeves, Reg Park, and Kirk Morris, among others. (Thanks to Leonard Lane for this information.) And Kevin Norwood writes that he remembers Draper's show: I was in first grade and couldn't wait for the weekend to catch it!

Don't Make Waves (1967)

Dave DraperDave DraperTony Curtis and Dave DraperDave Draper, Claudia Cardinale, and Tony Curtis

From the MGM comedy Don't Make Waves. LEFT and CENTER A: With Sharon Tate. CENTER B: With Tony Curtis. RIGHT: With Claudia Cardinale and Tony Curtis

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Don't Make Waves (1967) with Tony Curtis, Sharon Tate, Claudia Cardinale, and Reg Lewis
Lord Love a Duck (1966) with Roddy McDowall and Tuesday Weld
Three on a Couch (1966) with Jerry Lewis and Janet Leigh
Walk, Don't Run (1966) with Cary Grant and Jim Hutton
Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (1963) with Dean Martin, Elizabeth Montgomery, and Allison Hayes

Here Come the Brides, episode Lorenzo Bush, originally aired December 19, 1969
The Beverly Hillbillies, episode Mr. Universe Muscles In, originally aired October 25, 1967
The Monkees, episode I Was a 99-Pound Weakling, originally aired October 16, 1967

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Dave Draper's Iron Online
Go to Dave Draper's IronOnline site for biographical information, many photos, training tips, products, and more. (Thanks to Laree Draper)

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