Peter (b. 1957) and David Paul (1957-2020)

Born in 1957, twin brothers Peter and David Paul are best known for their role in The Barbarians (1987). The Pauls acted in several other films in the 1980s and early 1990s, and returned to films in 2005 with the release of Souled Out.

Peter and David PaulPeter and David PaulPeter and David Paul, the Barbarian BrothersPeter and David Paul, the Barbarian BrothersPeter and David Paul, the Barbarian BrothersPeter and David Paul

LEFT: The Barbarians collage created by Peter Vlachoutsakos. CENTER A: Poster from The Barbarians. CENTER B and C: David and Peter Paul. CENTER D: David Paul. RIGHT: Poster from the 1992 film Double Trouble

Filmography for Peter and David Paul

Souled Out (2005) with Gary Busey
Twin Sitters (1994) with Paul Bartel and George Lazenby
Double Trouble (1992) with Troy Donahue and Tim Stack
Think Big (1990) with Martin Mull, Richard Kiel, and Peter Lupus
The Road Raiders (1989) with Tia Carrere
Ghost Writer (1989) with John Matuszak, the Landers sisters, and Jeff Conaway
The Barbarians (1987) with Richard Lynch
The Flamingo Kid (1984) with Matt Dillon and Fisher Stevens
D.C. Cab (1983) with Mr. T

Paul Wynter (1935-2019)

From the West Indies, Paul Wynter was a Mr. Europe and a two-time Mr. Universe (1960 and 1966, professional category). In his day, the 5'8" tall Wynter was one of the most symmetrical bodybuilders in world. He appeared in only a few sword and sandal films, such as Mole Men Vs. the Son of Hercules with Mark Forest and Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops with Gordon Mitchell. Wynter also acted in several French comedies. He passed away on January 14, 2019 at the age of 83.
Paul WynterPaul WynterPaul Wynter and Mark Forest

LEFT and CENTER: Various shots of Paul Wynter. RIGHT: Wynter and Mark Forest from Maciste, the Strongest Man in the World

Filmography for Paul Wynter

Five Marines for 100 Girls (1962) with Virna Lisi
Atlas in the Land of the Cyclops (1961) with Gordon Mitchell and Chelo Alonso
Mole Men vs. the Son of Hercules (1961) with Mark Forest

Georges Marchal (1920-1997)

Georges Marchal

Early 1950s portrait of actor Georges Marchal

Born in France on January 10, 1920, actor Georges Marchal starred in many films during his career, which spanned five decades. From his start in the 1940s, Marchal became an important actor in French cinema, emerging as a leading man in 1950s films. After starring in a vast number of films and TV programs, Marchal passed away on November 28, 1997, at the age of 77.

Sign of the Gladiator (1959)

Georges Marchal

As Marcus Valerius in the adventure Sign of the Gladiator

Ulysses Against the Son of Hercules (1961)

Georges Marchal and Mike LaneGeorges Marchal and Mike Lane

From Ulysses Against the Son of Hercules with Mike Lane

The Colossus of Rhodes (1961)

Georges Marchal and Rory Calhoun

With Rory Calhoun in The Colossus of Rhodes, released by MGM

Rod Flash, aka Ilush, aka Richard Lloyd (1932-2012)

Born Iloosh Khoshabe in Iran, Rod Flash acted in a handful of sword and sandal films in the early to mid 1960s. Lloyd's best-known film is Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (1962; with Gordon Mitchell and Roger Browne), and was cast as Maciste and Samson in a few other pictures. Lloyd was quite an athlete and, like several of his contemporaries, did his own stunts in films without a stand-in.

Vulcan Son of Jupiter (1962)

Richard Lloyd/Rod FlashRichard LloydRichard LloydRichard Lloyd and Roger Browne

LEFT: Collage of Richard Lloyd from the film Vulcan, Son of Jupiter CENTER and RIGHT: Flash as the title character Vulcan

Hercules, Samson, and Ulysses (1963)

Richard LloydRichard Lloyd and Kirk MorrisRichard Lloyd and Kirk Morris

LEFT: As Samson in Hercules, Samson, and Ulysses. RIGHT: With Kirk Morris as Hercules

Rod Flash's Filmography

Due Magnum .38 per una città di carogne (1975) with Gordon Mitchell
Jangjooyan-e koochooloo (1973)
Ahmad chakmei (1971)
Keshtye Noah (1968)
Hossein Kord Shabestari (1966)
The Invincible Gladiators (1964)
Hercules, Samson and Ulysses (1963) with Kirk Morris and Enzo Cerusico
Vulcan, Son of Jupiter (1962) with Bella Cortez, Gordon Mitchell, and Roger Browne
Ali Baba and the Sacred Crown (1962) with Bella Cortez

Pierre Brice (1929-2015)

Although he's better known for his 40-year association with the character 'Winnetou,' Pierre Brice appeared in a few sword and sandal films in the early 1960s. Born in France in 1929, Brice developed an interest in acting. After completing drama school, he had limited success in his film career until he was chosen for the part of Winnetou in the Lex Barker vehicle Treasure of Silver Lake (1962). Brice emerged as the star of the film and has gone on to portray Winnetou in many films and television shows.

Pierre Brice

Pierre Brice in horror flick Mill of the Stone Women (1960)

Jacques Sernas (1925-2015)

Jacques Sernas

Born in Lithuania on July 30, 1925, actor Jacques Sernas has had a film career spanning more than 60 years. He's appeared in such films as Helen of Troy (1956), Duel of the Titans (1963; with Gordon Scott and Steve Reeves) and Superfly TNT (1973; with Ron O'Neal). Sernas on occasion acted in European films into his 80s. He passed away in July 2015 at the age of 89.

Helen of Troy (1956)

Jacques Sernas in Helen of TroyJacques Sernas

From the adventure Helen of Troy

The Centurion (1961)

Jacques Sernas

From the Italian costume drama The Centurion

The Slave (1962)

Jacques Sernas in The Slave

From the Steve Reeves epic The Slave

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