Born Bradford Harris in St. Anthony, Idaho, on July 16, 1933, Brad Harris played football while attending UCLA in the 1950s. An injury sidelined his football career, so he began bodybuilding as a way to overcome his injury. Following his college career, he remained in Los Angeles and, thanks to his weight training regimen, was hired as a stuntman by film studios, most notably in Spartacus (1960). On occasion, he also had the opportunity to act as well, beginning in the mid 1950s in usually uncredited roles. In the early 1960s, he went to Italy to star in peplum films, starting with Goliath Against the Giants (1961; with Gloria Milland and Fernando Rey). Of the sword and sandal actors who followed Steve Reeves into the Italian cinema, Brad Harris was the first to branch out into other film genres with the German noir Hong Kong Hot Harbor (1962; with Horst Frank). By the mid 1960s, Harris was a star in Germany and was featured in the successful Kommissar X film series. He later moved into spaghetti westerns and horror films.

Brad Harris and Olga Schoberov√°Brad Harris

RIGHT: Harris was married briefly to actress Olga Schoberov√° in Las Vegas in November 1967. The couple met on the set of The Secret of the Chinese Orchid in 1964. RIGHT: Bodybuilding photo of Harris from the early 1970s

By 1970, Harris was writing and producing films and headed his own production company, Three Star Films, including distribution and foreign sales in Rome, Italy. In addition, he has acted as creative consultant for various German film companies. He developed and was assigned to produce Croc for Warner Bros. and Triad for Universal Studios. Currently, he is the president of Modern Body Design---A California Corporation, which is a successful fitness product corporation.

Gordon Scott and Brad HarrisGordon Scott and Brad Harris

Early 1960s photo of Gordon Scott having fun with a reporter in Rome while Brad Harris watches (thanks to Peter Vlachoutsakos)

the films of brad harris

Goliath Against the Giants (1961)

Brad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad Harris
Brad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad Harris

From Goliath Against the Giants, released by Medallion to US television in 1963

Samson (1961)

Brad Harris and Alan SteelBrad Harris and Alan SteelBrad HarrisBrad Harris

From the adventure Samson, released in the US by Medallion Pictures. LEFT and CENTER A: with Alan Steel. CENTER B and RIGHT: Harris as the title character

The Fury of Hercules (1962)

Brad HarrisBrad Harris

Harris is the title character in the sword and sandal adventure The Fury of Hercules

79 AD (1962)

Brad Harris

As Marcus Tiberius in the adventure 79 AD

Mission to Hell (1964)

Brad Harris

From Harris' action flick Mission to Hell

Death is Nimble, Death is Quick (1966)

Brad Harris

Harris portrays Captain Tom Rowland in the action comedy Death is Nimble, Death is Quick, the third entry in the Kommissar X series of films

The Three Fantastic Supermen (1967)

Brad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad Harris

From the comedic action flick The Three Fantastic Supermen

Return of the Gladiator (1971)

Brad Harris

As Marzio in the adventure Return of the Gladiator

Zambo, King of the Jungle (1972)

Brad HarrisBrad Harris

Harris as the title character in the adventure Zambo, King of the Jungle

The Freakmaker (1974)

Brad Harris and Donald PleasenceBrad Harris and Julie Ege

From the effective horror flick The Mutations. LEFT: With Donald Pleasence. RIGHT: With Julie Ege. In addition to starring in this film, Harris also served as associate producer

Hercules (1983)

Brad HarrisSybil Danning, Lou Ferrigno, and Brad HarrisBrad Harris and Lou Ferrigno

From Hercules. LEFT: Brad Harris as Augias. CENTER: With Sybil Danning and Lou Ferrigno. RIGHT: With Lou Ferrigno

the brad harris gallery

Brad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad HarrisBrad Harris as GoliathBrad Harris as Goliath

late years

Harris acted in and served as executive producer for the horror release Shiver (2012; with Casper Van Dien and Rae Dawn Chong), which was shot in Los Angeles. Sadly, he passed away on November 7, 2017 at the age of 84. He is survived by his daughter, Sabrina.

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This listing includes films for which Harris has written screenplays and served as producer:
Shiver (2012) with Casper Van Dien and Rae Dawn Chong
Boom (1999)
Jungle Heat (1994) (Harris co-authored the screenplay)
Death Stone (1986) with Tony Kendall and Elke Sommer
Hercules (1983) with Lou Ferrigno, Sybil Danning, and Rossana Podesta
The Seven Magnificent Gladiators (1983) with Lou Ferrigno, Dan Vadis, Sybil Danning, and Mandy Rice-Davies
Challenge of the Tiger (1980) with Richard Harrison
Brass Target (1978) with Sophia Loren, John Cassavetes, George Kennedy, and Robert Vaughn
Lady Dracula (1977) with Stephen Boyd; Harris co-starred and wrote the screenplay
SS Hell Camp (1977)
Achtung! The Desert Tigers (1976) with Richard Harrison and Gordon Mitchell
This Time I'll Make You Rich (1974) with Antonio Sabato; Harris co-starred and was a co-producer
The Girl in Room 2a (1973) with Rosalba Neri
The Mutations (1972) with Donald Pleasence, Julie Ege, and Michael Dunn; Harris co-starred and was associate producer
Django Adios (1972) with José Torres
Zambo, King of the Jungle (1972) with Raf Baldassarre and Daniele Vargas
Durango Is Coming, Pay or Die (1972) with Erika Blanc
Meat is Meat (1971) (aka The Strangler of Vienna and The Mad Butcher) with Victor Buono, Karin Field, and John Ireland
The Return of the Gladiator (1971) with Massimo Serato and Raf Baldassare
Three Supermen in the Jungle (aka Fantastic Supermen and the Amazon) (1971) with Femi Benussi, George Martin, and Frank Brana
Tiger Gang (1971)
Formula 1 (1970) (aka Maniacs on Wheels) Harris served as actor and producer
Cin Cin Cianuro (1968) with Gordon Mitchell
King of Kong Island (1968) (producer)
Death Trip (1967) with Samson Burke
The Fantastic Three (aka Three Fantastic Supermen) (1967)
Mr. Dynamite (1967) with Lex Barker
The Ten Million Dollar Grab (1966) with Dana Andrews
Kiss Kiss, Kill Kill (1966) with Tony Kendall
So Darling, So Deadly (1966) with Tony Kendall
Death is Nimble, Death is Quick (1965) with Dan Vadis
Our Man in Jamaica (1965) with Larry Pennell
Black Eagle of Santa Fe (1964) with Horst Frank and Tony Kendall
Golden Hell on the Mekong (aka Mission to Hell) (1964)
Massacre at Marble City (1964)
The Secret of the Chinese Carnation (1964) with Klaus Kinski and Horst Frank
White Freight from Hong Kong (1964)
79 A.D. (1963) (aka The Destruction of Herculaneum) with Susan Paget and Philippe Hersent
Pirates of the Mississippi (aka Mississippi Pirates) (1963) with Dan Vadis and Tony Kendall
Hot Harbor Hong Kong (1962)
The Old Testament (1962) with Alan Steel, Carlo Tamberlani, and Philippe Hersent; directed by Gianfranco Parolini
The Fury of Hercules (1961) with Alan Steel
Goliath Against the Giants (1961) with Gloria Milland and Fernando Rey
Samson (1961) with Alan Steel

B.J. and the Bear, the 1979-1981 comedy TV show with Greg Evigan
Mike Hammer
Splendor in the Grass, the 1981 TV movie with Ned Beatty, Eva Marie Saint, Melissa Gilbert, Ally Sheedy, and Michelle Pfeiffer
The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby
Derrick, a long-running German TV show (1974- ) featuring Horst Tappert
Falcon Crest, the long-running TV show (1981-1990). Harris made multiple appearances
Dallas the 1978-1991 nighttime soap with Larry Hagman, Barbara Bel Geddes, Patrick Duffy, and Jim Davis. Harris made multiple appearances
Livin' Right

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