Born Herman Andrew Stephens in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 10, 1955, actor Andrew Stevens is the son of actress Stella Stevens. Early in life, he was the subject of a bitter custody battle between his mother and father, and as a result grew up in both Los Angeles with his mother and Memphis with his father and grandparents. He moved to Los Angeles permanently after graduating from high school in 1973 to break into acting. His first role came in a December 1973 episode of Adam-12, and by the mid 1970s he found roles in such diverse films as Shampoo (1975; with Warren Beatty and Julie Christie), Las Vegas Lady (1975; with Stella Stevens and Stuart Whitman), and Massacre at Central High (1976; with Robert Carradine). He worked steadily throughout the late 1970s and was nominated for a Golden Globe award for his performance in The Boys in Company C (1978). His marriage to actress Kate Jackson after a six-week courtship in August 1978 made headlines, but the marriage ended in 1981.

Cheryl Ladd, Andrew Stevens, and Kate JacksonAndrew Stevens

LEFT: With Cheryl Ladd and first wife Kate Jackson in a 1978 photo. RIGHT: Andrew Stevens became a popular teen heartthrob and pinup in the late 1970s

As his career advanced, Stevens found quite a bit of work in several 1980s television series, including Code Red, Dallas, and Emerald Point N.A.S. and made another big splash in the film The Seduction (1982; with Morgan Fairchild), in which he played a homicidal stalker. In the early 1990s, he began starring in a string of low budget, sexually charged thrillers, such as Night Eyes (1990; with Tanya Roberts), Double Threat (1993; with Sally Kirkland), and Deadly Rivals (1993; with Richard Roundtree and Margaux Hemingway).

the films of andrew stevens

Day of the Animals (1977)

Ruth Roman, Lynda Day George, and Andrew Stevens

From the low budget horror flick Day of the Animals with Ruth Roman and Lynda Day George

The Boys in Company C (1978)

Stan Shaw, James Whitmore Jr., and Andrew Stevens

From the Vietnam war drama The Boys in Company C with Stan Shaw and James Whitmore Jr.

The Bastard (1978)

Patricia Neal and Andrew Stevens

With Patricia Neal in the made-for-TV film The Bastard

The Fury (1978)

Andrew Stevens

As Robin Sandza in the 20th Century Fox science fiction effort The Fury

The Rebels (1979)

Andrew Stevens and Kim Cattrall

With Kim Cattrall in the made-for-TV drama The Rebels

Code Red (1981-1982 ABC TV Series)

Andrew Stevens, Julie Adams, Sam J. Jones, and Lorne Green

From the ABC series Code Red with Julie Adams, Sam J. Jones, and Lorne Green

Death Hunt (1981)

Andrew Stevens

Stevens portrays a rookie Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer tracking down an accused murderer in the 20th Century Fox thriller Death Hunt

The Seduction (1982)

Andrew StevensAndrew Stevens and Morgan Fairchild

LEFT: Andrew Stevens portrays an emotionally disturbed man who stalks a television news anchor in the thriller The Seduction. RIGHT: With co-star Morgan Fairchild at the film's premiere

Forbidden Love (1982)

Yvette Mimieux and Andrew Stevens

With Yvette Mimieux in the CBS made-for-TV romance Forbidden Love

10 to Midnight (1983)

Andrew Stevens and Charles BronsonCharles Bronson, Lisa Eilbacher, and Andrew Stevens

LEFT: With Charles Bronson in the crime drama 10 to Midnight. RIGHT: With Charles Bronson and Lisa Eilbacher

Emerald Point N.A.S. (1983–1984 CBS TV Series)

Charles Frank, Andrew Stevens, and Richard Dean Anderson

With co-stars Charles Frank and Richard Dean Anderson on the short-lived CBS drama Emerald Point N.A.S.

The Ranch (1989)

Andrew Stevens

Stevens stars in the low-budget comedy The Ranch, shot in Alberta, Canada. This film was directed by Stella Stevens

Columbo (1968-1998 NBC/ABC TV series)

Andrew Stevens and Peter Falk

With Peter Falk in a 1990 episode of Columbo titled Murder in Malibu

Night Eyes (1990)

Andrew Stevens

From the sexy thriller Night Eyes. This film spawned three sequels

Double Threat (1993)

Andrew Stevens

Stevens is the boyfriend of a washed-up actress who gets involved in a murder plot in the low-budget thriller Double Threat

andrew stevens today

Andrew Stevens moved into directing films and television shows in the early 1990s, including several films in which he starred, such as Night Eyes Three (1993; with Shannon Tweed and Tristan Rogers) and Illicit Dreams (1994; with Shannon Tweed). Ultimately, he put his acting career on the back burner to produce more than 150 films since 1990 and is president and CEO of Andrew Stevens Entertainment and Stevens Entertainment Group. On a personal note, Stevens married second wife, Robyn, in 1995. The couple divorced in 2010 and have three children.

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Mongolian Death Worm (2010) with Sean Patrick Flanery and Victoria Pratt
Fire from Below (2009) with Kevin Sorbo and Alex Cord
Missionary Man (2007) with Dolph Lundgren and John Enos
Walking Tall: Lone Justice (2007) with Kevin Sorbo
Black Dawn (2005) with Steven Seagal
Popstar (2005) with Aaron Carter, David Cassidy, Leif Garrett, and Tracy Scoggins
Pursued (2004) with Christian Slater and Michael Clarke Duncan
Stranded (2002) with Michael Dudikoff and Ice-T
Venomous (2001) with Treat Williams and Mary Page Keller
Mach 2 (2001) with Brian Bosworth, Cliff Robertson, Robert Pine, and David Hedison
Active Stealth (1999) with Daniel Baldwin and Fred Williamson
The Kid with X-ray Eyes (1999) with Justin Berfield, Robert Carradine, Diane Salinger, Ross Hagen, and Ric Drasin
Deadly Shooter (1997) with Michael Dudikoff, Randy Travis, and William Smith
Scorned 2 (1997) with Tane McClure
Night Eyes Four: Fatal Passion (1996) with Jeff Trachta, Paula Barbieri, and Casper Van Dien
Subliminal Seduction (1996) with Ian Ziering, Dee Wallace, Larry Manetti, and Kin Shriner
Body Chemistry 4: Full Exposure (1995) with Shannon Tweed, Larry Poindexter, Larry Manetti, and Stella Stevens
The Skateboard Kid II (1995) with Dee Wallace, Bruce Davison, Turhan Bey, Larry Poindexter, and Kin Shriner
Illicit Dreams (1994) with Shannon Tweed, Joe Cortese, Stella Stevens, and Jennifer Bassey
Scorned (1994) with Shannon Tweed, Daniel McVicar, Paul Carr, and Wil Shriner
Munchie Strikes Back (1994) with Lesley-Anne Down, Howard Hesseman, John Byner, and Steve Franken
Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III (1994) with Morgan Fairchild, Robert Forster, and Stella Stevens
Night Eyes Three (1993) with Shannon Tweed, Daniel McVicar, and Tristan Rogers
Deadly Rivals (1993) with Francesco Quinn, Joseph Bologna, Richard Roundtree, and Margaux Hemingway
Double Threat (1993) with Sally Kirkland, Richard Lynch, and Anthony Franciosa
Extralarge: Jo-Jo (1992) with Bud Spencer, Philip Michael Thomas, and Lou Ferrigno
Maximum Force (1992) with Sam J. Jones, John Saxon, Richard Lynch, and Mickey Rooney
Munchie (1992) with Loni Anderson, Arte Johnson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Monique Gabrielle, Fred Olen Ray, and George 'Buck' Flower
Night Eyes II (1992) with Shannon Tweed and John O'Hurley
The Terror Within II (1991) with Stella Stevens
Deadly Deception (1991) with Lloyd Bochner and Anthony Eisley
Red Blooded American Girl (1990) with Heather Thomas and Christopher Plummer
Night Eyes (1990) with Tanya Roberts, Paul Carr, and Larry Poindexter
Down the Drain (1990) with Teri Copley, John Matuszak, Joseph Campanella, Ken Foree, Jerry Mathers, Don Stroud, and Stella Stevens
Eyewitness to Murder (1989) with Adrian Zmed
The Ranch (1989)
Fine Gold (1989) with Ted Wass, Ray Walston, Lloyd Bochner, Tia Carrere, and Stewart Granger
Deadly Innocents (1989) with John Anderson and Mary Crosby
The Terror Within (1989) with George Kennedy and Tommy Hinkley
Blood Chase (1989) with Karen Sheperd
Tusks (1988) with John Rhys-Davies and Julian Glover
Counterforce (1988) with Robert Forster, Isaac Hayes, Louis Jourdan, George Kennedy, and Jorge Rivero
Scared Stiff (1987) with Mary Page Keller and David Ramsey
10 to Midnight (1983) with Charles Bronson, Lisa Eilbacher, Geoffrey Lewis, Wilford Brimley, and Kelly Preston
Journey's End (1983) with Maxwell Caulfield, Robert Englund, and George Wendt
Forbidden Love (1982) with Yvette Mimieux and Jerry Houser
The Seduction (1982) with Morgan Fairchild, Michael Sarrazin, Vince Edwards, and Colleen Camp
Death Hunt (1981) with Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Carl Weathers, Angie Dickinson, and Dick Davalos
Miracle on Ice (1981) with Karl Malden, Steve Guttenberg, Jerry Houser, and Jessica Walter
Beggarman, Thief (1979) with Jean Simmons, Glenn Ford, Lynn Redgrave, Bo Hopkins, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alex Cord, Anne Francis, and Anne Jeffreys
Topper (1979) with Kate Jackson, Jack Warden, Rue McClanahan, and Charles Siebert
The Rebels (1979) with Don Johnson, Doug McClure, Jim Backus, Richard Basehart, Joan Blondell, Tom Bosley, Macdonald Carey, Rory Calhoun, Kim Cattrall, Anne Francis, and Peter Graves
Women at West Point (1979) with Linda Purl, Jameson Parker, and Paul Gleason
The Bastard (1978) with Tom Bosley, Kim Cattrall, Buddy Ebsen, Lorne Greene, Olivia Hussey, Cameron Mitchell, Harry Morgan, Patricia Neal, Eleanor Parker, Donald Pleasence, William Shatner, Barry Sullivan, Noah Beery Jr., and Peter Bonerz
The Fury (1978) with Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress, Charles Durning, Amy Irving, Carol Eve Rossen, and Rutanya Alda
The Boys in Company C (1978) with Stan Shaw, Michael Lembeck, and Craig Wasson
Day of the Animals (1977) with Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen, Lynda Day George, Richard Jaeckel, Michael Ansara, Ruth Roman, and Paul Mantee
Secrets (1977) with Susan Blakely, Roy Thinnes, John Randolph, Melody Thomas Scott, and Peter Tomarken
Massacre at Central High (1976) with Robert Carradine, Steve Bond, and Lani O'Grady
Vigilante Force (1976) with Kris Kristofferson, Jan-Michael Vincent, Victoria Principal, Bernadette Peters, David Doyle, Shelly Novack, and Paul Gleason
Las Vegas Lady (1975) with Stella Stevens, Stuart Whitman, Lynne Moody, and Frank Bonner
The Last Survivors (1975) with Martin Sheen, Diane Baker, Tom Bosley, Bruce Davison, Anne Francis, and Christopher George
Shampoo (1975) with Warren Beatty, Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn, Lee Grant, Jack Warden, and Luana Anders

Dallas, 1978–1991 CBS television series. Stevens portrayed Casey Denault from 1987-1989
Emerald Point N.A.S., 1983–1984 CBS television series. Stevens portrayed Lt. Glenn Matthews
Code Red, 1981-1982 ABC television series. Stevens portrayed Ted Rorchek
The Oregon Trail, 1977 NBC television series. Stevens portrayed Andrew Thorpe

Silk Stalkings, episode Kid Stuff, originally aired February 4, 1993
Swamp Thing, episode This Old House of Mayan, originally aired March 6, 1992
Columbo, episode Murder in Malibu, originally aired May 14, 1990
Murder, She Wrote, episode Double Exposure, originally aired April 30, 1989
Hotel, episode Barriers, originally aired March 11, 1987
Hotel, episode Obsessions, originally aired June 26, 1985
The Love Boat, episode Call Me Grandma/A Gentleman of Discretion/The Perfect Divorce/Letting Go: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired May 4, 1985
Murder, She Wrote, episode Lovers and Other Killers, originally aired November 18, 1984
Westside Medical, episode The Mermaid, originally aired July 7, 1977
The Quest, episode Portrait of a Gunfighter, originally aired December 22, 1976
Shazam!, episode Out of Focus, originally aired October 16, 1976
Police Story, episode The Empty Weapon, originally aired November 21, 1975
The Wide World of Mystery, episode The Werewolf of Woodstock, originally aired January 24, 1975
Apple's Way, episode The Accident, originally aired May 5, 1974
Adam-12, episode Northeast Division, originally aired December 5, 1973
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