Born in Glendale, California, on June 6, 1947, actor Robert Englund's father was an an aeronautics engineer. Growing up in an affluent neighborhood, Englund was fascinated with acting at a young age and enrolled in a children's theater program at Cal State Northridge. Follwing high school, he attended Cal State and, later, The Academy of Dramatic Art in Rochester, Michigan. While in college, he married first wife Elizabeth in 1968. Following college, he taught classes in Rochester and acted in regional theater productions until returning to the Los Angeles area in 1973 to try to break into films. Englund's first film appearance came in the then-shocking Columbia drama Buster and Billie (1974; with Jan-Michael Vincent and Pamela Sue Martin).

Robert EnglundRobert Englund

LEFT: Early 1980s portrait of Robert Englund. RIGHT: Campy recent photo

Throughout the late 1970s, Englund had supporting roles in a variety of films, including the thriller Sunburst (1975; with Anne Lockhart), the comedy/drama Stay Hungry (1976; with Jeff Bridges, Sally Field, and Arnold Schwarzenegger), and the Tobe Hooper horror flick Eaten Alive (1977; with Neville Brand and Carolyn Jones). Never lacking for work, Englund's career continued on a steady path into the early 1980s in such films as Dead & Buried (1981; with James Farentino and Melody Anderson) and the low-budget sci-fi flick Galaxy of Terror (1981; with Edward Albert and Erin Moran), in addition to guest appearances on popular television programs and a regular role on the NBC sci-fi series V (1984-1985). But he was without a break-through role until he was cast in Wes Craven's horror classic A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984; with John Saxon and Heather Langenkamp) as nemesis Freddy Krueger.

the films of robert englund

Buster and Billie (1974)

Robert EnglundRobert Englund

Englund's first film was the drama Buster and Billie

St. Ives (1976)

Robert Englund, Charles Bronson, Jeff Goldblum, and Mark Thomas

With Charles Bronson, Jeff Goldblum, and Mark Thomas in the Warner Bros. crime drama St. Ives

Stay Hungry (1976)

Robert Englund

From the comedy/drama flick Stay Hungry, released by United Artists and directed by Bob Rafelson

V (1984-1985 NBC TV series)

Robert Englund

Englund portrayed Willie on the NBC science fiction series V

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Robert Englund

Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street transformed Robert Englund's career, taking him from supporting player to horror icon. This film spawned seven sequels in twenty years

Downtown (1986-1987 CBS TV Series)

Millicent Martin, Blair Underwood, Michael Nouri, Robert Englund, and Mariska Hargitay

Cast photo from the short-lived CBS drama Downtown. Pictured are Millicent Martin, Blair Underwood, Michael Nouri, Robert Englund, and Mariska Hargitay

976-EVIL (1988)

Robert Englund

On the set of the comedy/horror flick 976-EVIL, the first film directed by Robert Englund

The Phantom of the Opera (1989)

Robert Englund

As the title character in The Phantom of the Opera. Darker and gorier than other versions of the film, while not successful in its original release this production has gained an enthusiastic following over the years

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989)

Robert Englund

As child murderer and burn victim Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child, the fourth sequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990)

Robert Englund

From the 20th Century Fox action comedy The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

Robert Englund

Robert Englund portrays himself in the inventive horror flick Wes Craven's New Nightmare, the seventh installment in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series of films

The Paper Brigade (1996)

Robert Englund

The direct-to-video family film The Paper Brigade represented a change of pace for Englund. Well received in its initial release, this film has not been released to DVD as of this writing

The Mangler (1995)

Robert Englund and Lisa Morris

With Lisa Morris in Tobe Hooper's comedy horror release The Mangler. The screenplay was written by Hooper and Stephen King

2001 Maniacs (2005)

Robert Englund

Englund stars as Mayor Buckman in the horror film 2001 Maniacs, a remake of the 1964 Herschell Gordon Lewis film Two Thousand Maniacs

robert englund today

As Freddy Krueger, Englund hit pay dirt, as A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984; with John Saxon and Heather Langenkamp) spawned seven sequels in twenty years, ending with Freddy vs. Jason (2003; with Ken Kirzinger). The films also resulted in the television series Freddy's Nightmares (syndicated, 1988–1990). Most of his post-Elm Street films have been horror, comedy, or a combination of the two; some of his best from the last fifteen years include 2001 Maniacs (2005; with Peter Stormare), Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006; with Scott Wilson), and Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007; with Trevor Matthews). Now 66 years old, Englund continues his prolific acting career and has at least four films slated for release in the next year. On a personal note, Englund has been married to wife Nancy since 1988. For more information about Robert Englund, see the link to his official website (below).

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Lake Placid vs. Anaconda (2015) with Corin Nemec and Yancy Butler
Kantemir (2015) with Diane Cary, Daniel Gadi, Justine Griffiths, and Stuart Stone
Fear Clinic (2014) with Thomas Dekker, Fiona Dourif, and Kevin Gage
The Last Showing (2014) with Finn Jones and Chris Geere
The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue (2013) with Mike Bradecich
Sanitarium (2013) with Malcolm McDowell and Lou Diamond Phillips
Zombie Mutation (2012)
Lake Placid: The Final Chapter (2012) with Elisabeth Röhm and Yancy Butler
Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) with Adele Silva, Martin Compston, Billy Murray, and Martin Kemp
Inkubus (2011) with William Forsythe, Joey Fatone, and Jonathan Silverman
Good Day for It (2011) with Robert Patrick, Hal Holbrook, Kathy Baker, Lance Henriksen, and Samantha Mathis
I Want to Be a Soldier (2010) with Danny Glover
Night of the Sinner (2009)
Killer Pad (2008) with Daniel Franzese, Eric Jungmann, Shane McRae, Jeff Bryan Davis, Noureen DeWulf, and Bobby Lee; Englund served as director
Zombie Strippers! (2008) with Jenna Jameson
Red (2008) with Brian Cox, Tom Sizemore, and Amanda Plummer
Black Swarm (2007) with Sebastien Roberts, Sarah Allen, and Jayne Heitmeyer
Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (2007) with Trevor Matthews and Daniel Kash
Heartstopper (2006) with Meredith Henderson and Nathan Stephenson
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (2006) with Nathan Baesel, Angela Goethals, Scott Wilson, and Zelda Rubinstein
Hatchet (2006) with Joel David Moore, Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond, and Kane Hodder
2001 Maniacs (2005) with Lin Shaye, Giuseppe Andrews, Jay Gillespie, Marla Malcolm, and Peter Stormare
Dubbed and Dangerous 3 (2004) with Ara Paiaya
Nobody Knows Anything! (2003) with Carmine Caridi, Margaret Cho, Stephen Colbert, Mike Connors, Paul Dooley, Pat Finn, and Janeane Garofalo
Il ritorno di Cagliostro (2003)
As a Bad Dream (2003) with Predrag Manojlovic
Freddy vs. Jason (2003) with Ken Kirzinger, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland, Chris Marquette, and Brendan Fletcher
Windfall (2003) with Casper Van Dien, Gregg Henry, Libby Hudson, and Ray Wise
Wish You Were Dead (2002) with Cary Elwes, Elaine Hendrix, Christopher Lloyd, Mary Steenburgen, Sally Kirkland, Gene Simmons, Lin Shaye, and Billy Ray Cyrus
Cold Sweat (2002) with Melinda Clarke and Sam J. Jones
Python (2000) with Casper Van Dien, Dana Barron, Wil Wheaton, and Jenny McCarthy
The Prince and the Surfer (1999) with Vincent Schiavelli, Jennifer O'Neill, Arye Gross, C. Thomas Howell, and Allyce Beasley
Strangeland (1998) with Kevin Gage, Elizabeth Peña, and Dee Snider
Urban Legend (1998) with Jared Leto, Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, and Tara Reid
Meet the Deedles (1998) with Paul Walker, Dennis Hopper, and Eric Braeden
Wishmaster (1997) with Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff, Chris Lemmon, Jenny O'Hara, John Byner, George 'Buck' Flower, and Ted Raimi
Perfect Target (1997) with Daniel Bernhardt, Jim Pirri, and Brian Thompson
The Vampyre Wars (1996) with Edge, Billy Gray, Amanda Plummer, Chris Sarandon, and Maximilian Schell
The Paper Brigade (1996) with Kyle Howard
La lengua asesina (1996) with Melinda Clarke and Jason Durr
Starquest II (1996) with Adam Baldwin
The Unspoken Truth (1995) with Lea Thompson and Dick O'Neill
The Mangler (1995) with Ted Levine
Mortal Fear (1994) with Joanna Kerns, Gregory Harrison, Max Gail, and Judith Chapman
Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994) with Heather Langenkamp and Wes Craven
A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle (1994) with Hal Holbrook, Barbara Hale, William R. Moses, Dixie Carter, Diahann Carroll, and Tristan Rogers
Night Terrors (1993) with Chandra West and William Finley
Dance Macabre (1992) with Greydon Clark
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) with Lisa Zane, Yaphet Kotto, Tom Arnold, Roseanne Barr, Elinor Donahue, and Johnny Depp
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane (1990) with Andrew Dice Clay, Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley, Morris Day, Lauren Holly, Gilbert Gottfried, Ed O'Neill, Vince Neil, and Sheila E.
The Phantom of the Opera (1989) with Jill Schoelen, Alex Hyde-White, Bill Nighy, and Molly Shannon
A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child (1989) with Lisa Wilcox, Kelly Jo Minter, and Burr DeBenning
976-EVIL (1988) with Stephen Geoffreys, Patrick O'Bryan, Sandy Dennis, and Jim Metzler; Englund served as director
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988) with Lisa Wilcox, Tuesday Knight, Brooke Bundy, and Brooke Theiss
Infidelity (1987) with Kirstie Alley, Lee Horsley, and Courtney Thorne-Smith
Scott A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) with Heather Langenkamp, Craig Wasson, Patricia Arquette, Laurence Fishburne, John Saxon, Priscilla Pointer, and Brooke Bundy
Never Too Young to Die (1986) with John Stamos, Vanity, Gene Simmons, George Lazenby, and John Anderson
A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge (1985) with Kim Myers, Robert Rusler, Clu Gulager, Hope Lange, and Lyman Ward
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) with John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Heather Langenkamp, Johnny Depp, and Lin Shaye
Journey's End (1983) with Ian Abercrombie, Maxwell Caulfield, Andrew Stevens, and George Wendt
Hobson's Choice (1983) with Richard Thomas, Sharon Gless, Jack Warden, Lillian Gish, and Bert Remsen
I Want to Live (1983) with Lindsay Wagner, Martin Balsam, Harry Dean Stanton, Dana Elcar, Ellen Geer, Robert Ginty, Don Stroud, and Ken Swofford
V (1983) with Marc Singer
Starflight: The Plane That Couldn't Land (1983) with Lee Majors, Hal Linden, Lauren Hutton, Ray Milland, and Tess Harper
The Fighter (1983) with Gregory Harrison, Glynnis O'Connor, Pat Hingle, and Susan Kellermann
Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder (1982) with Dennis Christopher and Susan Saint James
Mysterious Two (1982) with John Forsythe, Priscilla Pointer, Noah Beery Jr., Vic Tayback, and Robert Pine
Thou Shalt Not Kill (1982) with Lee Grant, Diana Scarwid, Robert Culp, and James Keach
Galaxy of Terror (1981) with Edward Albert, Erin Moran, Ray Walston, Zalman King, Sid Haig, and Grace Zabriskie
Dead & Buried (1981) with James Farentino, Melody Anderson, and Jack Albertson
Mind Over Murder (1979) with Deborah Raffin, David Ackroyd, Bruce Davison, and Andrew Prine
Police Story: A Cry for Justice (1979) with Dennis Weaver, Diana Muldaur, Sharon Acker, Michael Conrad, Nehemiah Persoff, Larry Hagman, Robert Culp, and Bruce Glover
The Ordeal of Patty Hearst (1979) with Dennis Weaver, Lisa Eilbacher, David Haskell, Tisa Farrow, and Jonathan Banks
The Fifth Floor (1978) with Bo Hopkins, Patti D'Arbanville, Sharon Farrell, Julie Adams, Mel Ferrer, and John David Carson
Bloodbrothers (1978) with Paul Sorvino, Tony Lo Bianco, Richard Gere, and Marilu Henner
The Courage and the Passion (1978) with Vince Edwards, Desi Arnaz Jr., Robert Ginty, and Robert Hooks
Big Wednesday (1978) with Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt, Gary Busey, Patti D'Arbanville, Lee Purcell, Sam Melville, Steve Kanaly, Barbara Hale, Fran Ryan, and Reb Brown
Young Joe, the Forgotten Kennedy (1977) with Peter Strauss, Barbara Parkins, Simon Oakland, Lance Kerwin, and Steve Kanaly
The Great Smokey Roadblock (1977) with Henry Fonda, Eileen Brennan, Dub Taylor, John Byner, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Mayron, Gary Sandy, and Valerie Curtin
Eaten Alive (1977) with Neville Brand, Mel Ferrer, Carolyn Jones, Marilyn Burns, William Finley, Stuart Whitman, Roberta Collins, and Kyle Richards
St. Ives (1976) with Charles Bronson, John Houseman, Jacqueline Bisset, Maximilian Schell, Harry Guardino, Dana Elcar, Dick O'Neill, Elisha Cook Jr., Burr DeBenning, and Daniel J. Travanti
Stay Hungry (1976) with Jeff Bridges, Sally Field, Arnold Schwarzenegger, R.G. Armstrong, Roger E. Mosley, Scatman Crothers, Fannie Flagg, Joanna Cassidy, and Ed Begley Jr.
Hustle (1975) with Burt Reynolds, Catherine Deneuve, Ben Johnson, Paul Winfield, Eileen Brennan, Eddie Albert, Ernest Borgnine, Catherine Bach, and Jack Carter
Sunburst (1975) with Anne Lockhart, Rudy Vallee, James Keach, and Peter Brown
Buster and Billie (1974) with Jan-Michael Vincent, Joan Goodfellow, and Pamela Sue Martin

Fear Clinic, 2009 TV series. Englund portrayed Dr. Andover
The Spectacular Spider-Man, 2008-2009 animated TV series. Englund voiced the characters of Adrian Toomes and Vulture
The Batman, 2004-2008 Cartoon Network animated TV series. Englund voiced The Riddler from 2005 to 2007
Justice League, 2001-2006 Cartoon Network animated TV series. Englund voiced Felix Faust from 2002 to 2005
Nightmare Cafe, 1992 NBC TV series. Englund portrayed Blackie
Freddy's Nightmares, 1988-1990 TV Series. Englund portrayed Freddy Krueger
Downtown, 1986-1987 CBS TV series. Englund portrayed Dennis Shothoffer
V, 1984-1985 NBC TV series. Englund portrayed Willie

Workaholics, episode A TelAmerican Horror Story, originally aired January 23, 2013
Criminal Minds, episode Heathridge Manor, originally aired April 4, 2012
Hawaii Five-0, episode Ka Iwi Kapu, originally aired October 31, 2011
Supernatural, episode Appointment in Samarra, originally aired December 10, 2010
Chuck, episode Chuck Versus the Aisle of Terror, originally aired October 25, 2010
Bones, episode The Death of the Queen Bee, originally aired April 15, 2010
Masters of Horror, episode Dance of the Dead, originally aired November 11, 2005
I'm with Her, episode All About Evil, originally aired October 28, 2003
Charmed, episode Size Matters, originally aired October 25, 2001
The Nightmare Room, episode The Howler, originally aired September 29, 2001
The Hughleys, episode Storm o' the Century, originally aired February 16, 1999
The Jamie Foxx Show, episode Bro-Jack, originally aired January 21, 1999
The Simpsons, episode Treehouse of Horror IX, originally aired October 25, 1998
Married with Children, episode Damn Bundys, originally aired April 28, 1997
Sliders, episode State of the A.R.T., originally aired December 6, 1996
Babylon 5, episode Grey 17 Is Missing, originally aired October 7, 1996
Walker, Texas Ranger, episode Deadline, originally aired April 13, 1996
Legend, episode The Gospel According to Legend, originally aired June 12, 1995
D.C. Follies, episode Freddy Krueger's Nightmare: Dan Quayle Elected President, originally aired October 6, 1988
Knight Rider, episode Fright Knight, originally aired March 7, 1986
MacGyver, episode Flame's End, originally aired January 29, 1986
Hunter, episode Million Dollar Misunderstanding, originally aired November 16, 1985
Night Court, episode Dan's Boss, originally aired November 14, 1985
Hollywood Beat, episode Pilot, originally aired September 21, 1985
Alice, episode Vera, the Horse Thief, originally aired January 8, 1984
Manimal, episode Night of the Beast, originally aired December 17, 1983
Simon & Simon, episode Red Dog Blues, originally aired March 24, 1983
Cassie & Co., episode Fade Out, originally aired July 30, 1982
Hart to Hart, episode Rhinestone Harts, originally aired December 1, 1981
Walking Tall, episode The Killing of McNeal County's Children, originally aired January 17, 1981
CHiPs, episode Forty Tons of Trouble, originally aired January 11, 1981
Flo, episode The Hero of Flo's Yellow Rose, originally aired April 21, 1980
Charlie's Angels, episode Harrigan's Angel, originally aired February 20, 1980
Paris, episode Dead Men Don't Kill, originally aired December 4, 1979
California Fever, episode Centerfold, originally aired November 6, 1979
Soap, episode Episode #3.3, originally aired September 27, 1979
Soap, episode Episode #3.2, originally aired September 20, 1979
Police Woman, episode Sons, originally aired February 15, 1978
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, episode Mystery of the Fallen Angels, originally aired April 17, 1977

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Watch Robert Englund in the film Slashed Dreams, aka Sunburst (1975)
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