Born Georgette Barry in Paris, France, on February 1, 1919, actress Andrea King was raised by her dancer mother in New York and Florida. She began her acting career in the early 1930s on Broadway under the name Georgette McKee in the shows Growing Pains and Fly Away Home. Her first film was the RKO drama The Ramparts We Watch (1940), which was shot in Connecticut. After a few bit roles, she signed a contract with Warner Bros. when her film career took off. Warner Bros. put King in several wartime short subjects, such as Proudly We Serve (1944), before casting her in supporting roles in such films as The Very Thought of You (1944; with Dennis Morgan and Eleanor Parker). In the late 1940s, she moved on to bigger roles at Universal-International and other studios where she was often cast as a femme fatale in film noir titles, including I Was a Shoplifter (1950; with Scott Brady) and Dial 1119 (1950; with Marshall Thompson). In the early 1950s, she moved away from films and began making many television appearances on such programs as Fireside Theatre, Cheyenne, and Perry Mason.

Andrea KingAndrea KingAndrea King

LEFT and CENTER: Warner Bros. photos of Andrea King from the mid 1940s. RIGHT: Universal photo from the late 1940s

King also acted in several science fiction and horror films, such as The Beast with Five Fingers (1946; with Robert Alda and Peter Lorre), Red Planet Mars (1952; with Peter Graves), and House of the Black Death (1965; with Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine).

the films of andrea king

The Very Thought of You (1944)

Andrea King

From one of King's first films, the Warner Bros. romance The Very Thought of You

Hotel Berlin (1945)

Andrea King

As Lisa Dorn in the Warner Bros. war drama Hotel Berlin

The Beast with Five Fingers (1946)

Andrea King and Robert AldaRobert Alda, Andrea King, Victor Francen, Peter Lorre, and William Edmunds

LEFT: With Robert Alda in the Warner Bros. horror film The Beast with Five Fingers. RIGHT: With Robert Alda, Victor Francen, Peter Lorre, and William Edmunds

Shadow of a Woman (1946)

Andrea King and Helmut Dantine

From the Warner Bros. film noir thriller Shadow of a Woman with Helmut Dantine

Ride the Pink Horse (1947)

Andrea King

From the Universal film noir thriller Ride the Pink Horse

I Was a Shoplifter (1950)

Scott Brady and Andrea KingScott Brady and Andrea KingScott Brady and Andrea King

With Scott Brady in from the campy film noir drama I Was a Shoplifter, released by Universal-International

Buccaneer's Girl (1950)

Andrea KingYvonne De Carlo and Andrea King

LEFT: As Arlene Villon in the Universal adventure Buccaneer's Girl. RIGHT: With Yvonne De Carlo

Mark of the Renegade (1951)

Ricardo Montalban and Andrea KingRicardo Montalban, Andrea King, and Gilbert Roland

LEFT: From the Universal adventure Mark of the Renegade with Ricardo Montalban. RIGHT: With Ricardo Montalban and Gilbert Roland

Red Planet Mars (1952)

Walter Sande, Peter Graves, and Andrea King

Peter Graves attempts to contact beings on Mars with the help of Walter Sande and Andrea King in the United Artists science fiction release Red Planet Mars

Outlaw Queen (1957)

Robert Clarke, Andrea King, and Harry James

From the western Outlaw Queen with Robert Clarke and Harry James

House of the Black Death (1965)

Lon Chaney Jr., Tom Drake, and Andrea King

With Lon Chaney Jr. and Tom Drake in Jerry Warren's campy horror flick House of the Black Death

Dragnet (1967-1970 NBC TV Series)

Andrea KingJack Webb, Andrea King, and Harry Morgan

King guest-starred on a couple of episodes of Dranet; these images are from episode D.H.Q.: Missing Person. The photo on the right includes Jack Webb and Harry Morgan

later years

Andrea King's last starring role in a film was the low-budget western Outlaw Queen (1957; with Harry James and Robert Clarke), although she sporadically appeared in supporting roles in films and television through the early 1990s. After the death of her husband, Nat Willis, in 1970, her output further decreased. Some of her later films include Blackenstein (1973; with John Hart) and The Linguini Incident (1991; with Rosanna Arquette and David Bowie). Sadly, Andrea King passed away on April 22, 2003, at the age of 84. She was survived by her daughter, Deborah, and three grandchildren.

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Inevitable Grace (1994) with Maxwell Caulfield, Jennifer Nicholson, Tippi Hedren, Samantha Eggar, Sandra Knight, and Victoria Sellers
The Color of Evening (1994) with Hildy Brooks, Ellen Burstyn, Kyle Chandler, Martin Landau, Roddy McDowall, Ione Skye, and Stuart Whitman
The Linguini Incident (1991) with Rosanna Arquette, David Bowie, Buck Henry, Viveca Lindfors, and Marlee Matlin
Blackenstein (1973) with John Hart and Liz Renay
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969) with Carol White, Paul Burke, Mala Powers, and Dennis Patrick
Prescription: Murder (1968) with Peter Falk, Gene Barry, William Windom, Nina Foch, and Virginia Gregg
House of the Black Death (1965) with Lon Chaney Jr., John Carradine, Dolores Faith, and Katherine Victor
Darby's Rangers (1958) with James Garner, Jack Warden, Edd Byrnes, Venetia Stevenson, Peter Brown, Stuart Whitman, Murray Hamilton, and William Wellman Jr.
Band of Angels (1957) with Clark Gable, Yvonne De Carlo, Sidney Poitier, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Rex Reason, and Raymond Bailey
Outlaw Queen (1957) with Harry James, Robert Clarke, and Kenne Duncan
Silent Fear (1956) with Peter Adams and Henry Brandon
The World in His Arms (1952) with Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth, Anthony Quinn, and John McIntire
Red Planet Mars (1952) with Peter Graves, Willis Bouchey, and Morris Ankrum
Mark of the Renegade (1951) with Ricardo Montalban, Cyd Charisse, J. Carrol Naish, Gilbert Roland, George Tobias, and Antonio Moreno
The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) with Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell, Lloyd Nolan, Jane Darwell, Fred Clark, Jay C. Flippen, William Frawley, and Sid Melton
Southside 1-1000 (1950) with Don DeFore, George Tobias, and Morris Ankrum
Dial 1119 (1950) with Marshall Thompson, Virginia Field, Keefe Brasselle, and William Conrad
I Was a Shoplifter (1950) with Scott Brady, Mona Freeman, Tony Curtis, Charles Drake, Charles McGraw, and Rock Hudson
Buccaneer's Girl (1950) with Yvonne De Carlo, Elsa Lanchester, Jay C. Flippen, Douglass Dumbrille, Dewey Robinson, and Peggie Castle
Song of Surrender (1949) with Wanda Hendrix, Claude Rains, Macdonald Carey, Henry Hull, John Beal, and Eva Gabor
Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid (1948) with William Powell, Ann Blyth, and Irene Hervey
My Wild Irish Rose (1947) with Dennis Morgan, Arlene Dahl, George Tobias, George O'Brien, Ben Blue, and William Frawley
Ride the Pink Horse (1947) with Robert Montgomery, Wanda Hendrix, and Fred Clark
The Man I Love (1947) with Ida Lupino, Robert Alda, Martha Vickers, Bruce Bennett, and Craig Stevens
The Beast with Five Fingers (1946) with Robert Alda, Peter Lorre, and J. Carrol Naish
Shadow of a Woman (1946) with Helmut Dantine
It Happened in Springfield (1945) with Charles Drake
Navy Nurse (1945) with Robert Shayne
Hotel Berlin (1945) with Faye Emerson, Helmut Dantine, Raymond Massey, and Peter Lorre
God Is My Co-Pilot (1945) with Dennis Morgan, Dane Clark, Raymond Massey, Craig Stevens, and Mark Stevens
Roughly Speaking (1945) with Rosalind Russell, Jack Carson, Robert Hutton, Ann Doran, Mona Freeman, and Ray Collins
The Very Thought of You (1944) with Dennis Morgan, Eleanor Parker, Dane Clark, Faye Emerson, and Beulah Bondi
Proudly We Serve (1944)
The Ramparts We Watch (1940)

Murder, She Wrote, episode The Fixer-Upper, originally aired February 11, 1990
Medical Center, episode One Last Rebellion, originally aired November 24, 1975
The New Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Deadly Deeds, originally aired October 21, 1973
Dragnet 1967, episode D.H.Q.: Missing Person, originally aired November 13, 1969
Dragnet 1967, episode The Big Kids, originally aired May 4, 1967
Family Affair, episode All Around the Town, originally aired January 16, 1967
Arrest and Trial, episode Call It a Lifetime, originally aired September 15, 1963
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Surplus Suitor, originally aired February 28, 1963
77 Sunset Strip, episode Terror in Silence, originally aired January 25, 1963
G.E. True, episode Defendant Clarence Darrow, originally aired January 13, 1963
77 Sunset Strip, episode Nightmare, originally aired June 22, 1962
Surfside 6, episode Squeeze Play, originally aired May 14, 1962
Hawaiian Eye, episode Big Fever, originally aired January 17, 1962
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Missing Melody, originally aired September 30, 1961
Hawaiian Eye, episode The Pretty People, originally aired May 10, 1961
Dante, episode The Jolly Roger Cocktail, originally aired December 19, 1960
Lock Up, episode Top Secret, originally aired November 19, 1960
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Singular Double, originally aired October 8, 1960
The Donna Reed Show, episode The Mystery Woman, originally aired September 22, 1960
The Alaskans, episode The Devil Made Fire, originally aired June 19, 1960
G.E. True Theater, episode Do Not Disturb, originally aired March 20, 1960
Hawaiian Eye, episode The Bequest of Arthur Goodwin, originally aired March 9, 1960
77 Sunset Strip, episode Condor's Lair, originally aired February 12, 1960
Johnny Midnight, episode Slight Delay at Dimity, originally aired 1960
Bourbon Street Beat, episode Portrait of Lenore, originally aired December 28, 1959
The Alaskans, episode The Blizzard, originally aired October 18, 1959
Tightrope, episode The Cracking Point, originally aired October 6, 1959
State Trooper, episode Sweet and Gentle Ltd., originally aired August 18, 1959
Mike Hammer, episode Swing Low, Sweet Harriet, originally aired April 23, 1959
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Bedeviled Doctor, originally aired April 4, 1959
Maverick, episode Two Tickets to Ten Strike, originally aired March 15, 1959
Mike Hammer, episode That Schoolgirl Complex, originally aired September 21, 1958
Crossroads, episode Tenement Saint, originally aired December 14, 1956
Cheyenne, episode The Law Man, originally aired November 6, 1956
Crusader, episode The Adoption, originally aired March 23, 1956
City Detective, episode Drop Coin Here, originally aired December 21, 1954
City Detective, episode Her Sister's Keeper, originally aired November 23, 1954
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse, episode Long, Long Ago, originally aired August 8, 1954
Fireside Theatre, episode The Kiss, originally aired June 15, 1954
The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse, episode Taps for a Hoofer, originally aired March 5, 1954
Fireside Theatre, episode The Uncrossed River, originally aired January 26, 1954
Fireside Theatre, episode Man of the Comstock, originally aired November 3, 1953
Lux Video Theatre, episode Witness for the Prosecution, originally aired September 17, 1953
Fireside Theatre, episode In the Carquinez Woods, originally aired June 16, 1953
Fireside Theatre, episode The Deauville Bracelet, originally aired June 9, 1953
Fireside Theatre, episode The Hitchhiker, originally aired May 5, 1953
Schlitz Playhouse, episode Medicine Woman, originally aired May 1, 1953
Four Star Playhouse, episode The Officer and the Lady, originally aired December 18, 1952
Fireside Theatre, episode The Sheriff, originally aired October 21, 1952
Gruen Guild Theater, episode Long, Long Ago, originally aired September 30, 1952
Gruen Guild Theater, episode Dream Man, originally aired April 10, 1952

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