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Updated 4/16/2018.
The following is a listing of new pages coming soon to the Drive-In.

actor/director pages currently in production

Edward Albert
Roxanne Arlen
Tom Atkins
Lew Ayres
Urbano Barberini
Paul Bartel
Richard Beymer
Pierre Brice
Jim Brown
Nigel Bruce
Smiley Burnette
Macdonald Carey
David Carradine
Regina Carrol
John David Carson
Bernie Casey
Adolfo Celi
Giovanni Cianfriglia aka Ken Wood
Dennis Cole
Elisha Cook Jr.
Glenn Corbett (premiered February 23)
Roger Corman
Ricardo Cortez (premiered March 8)
Joan Crawford
Alberto Dalbes
Sybil Danning
Alexander Davion
Jim Davis
Anton Diffring
Karin Dor
Brad Dourif
Keir Dullea (premiered March 21)
Wild Bill Elliott
Margaret Field (aka Maggie Mahoney)
Peter Fonda
Anitra Ford
Arthur Franz
John Garfield
Sidney Greenstreet
Dabbs Greer
Anne Gwynne
Susan Hart
Gloria Hendry
Anne Heywood
Robert Horton
John Hudson
William Hudson
Robert Hutton
John Ireland
Anthony James
Claudia Jennings
Sam J. Jones
Brenda Joyce
Brian Keith
Jim Kelly
June Kenney
Evelyn Keyes
Fernando Lamas
Mike Lane
Glenn Langan
Keith Larsen
Dagmar Lassander
Tom Laughlin
Anna Lee
Bruce Lee
Harvey Lembeck
Viveca Lindfors
Ida Lupino
Richard Lynch
Paul Mantee
Georges Marchal
Hugh Marlowe
William Marshall
Vonetta McGee
Dick Miller
Clayton Moore
Agnes Moorehead
Barboura Morris
Vic Morrow
Paul Naschy
Leslie Nielsen
Cathy O'Donnell
Ron O'Neal
Andrea Occhipinti
Mimmo Palmara
Gregg Palmer
Barbara Payton
Zasu Pitts
Beverly Powers (aka Beverly Hills)
Ted Prior
Thalmus Rasulala
Liz Renay
Alejandro Rey
William Reynolds
Candice Rialson
Adam Roarke
Roy Rogers
Cesar Romero
Howard 'Red' Ross
Ann Savage
Massimo Serato
Barbara Shelley
Alexis Smith
John Smith
Leigh Snowden
P.J. Soles
Carol Speed
Ray Dennis Steckler
Don Sullivan
William Talman
Lawrence Tierney
Thelma Todd
Constance Towers
Forrest Tucker
Shannon Tweed
Lorena Velazquez
Tuesday Weld
June Wilkinson
Mary Woronov
Patrice Wymore

added in 2017

Richard Chamberlain
Lisa Gastoni
Lang Jeffries
Lee Patterson

added in 2015

Susan George
Gary Lockwood

added in 2014

Al Adamson
Barry Coe
Bruce Dern
Robert Englund
Jeff Fahey
Janis Paige
Diana Scarwid
Russ Tamblyn

added in 2013

Tiffany Bolling
Robert Fuller
Tippi Hedren
Tony Lo Bianco
Marjorie Lord
George Maharis
Diane McBain
Martin Milner
Yvette Mimieux
Peter Mark Richman
Andrew Stevens
Connie Stevens
Stella Stevens
Francine York

added in 2012

Lionel Atwill
Eva Bartok
Mario Bava
Honor Blackman
Peter Breck
Edd Byrnes
Dane Clark
Alex Cord
Hazel Court
Linda Darnell
Laraine Day
Howard Duff
Constance Ford
Farley Granger
Terence Hill
Patsy Kelly
Klaus Kinski
Daliah Lavi
Kevin McCarthy
Chris Noel
Janette Scott
Woody Strode
Bill Williams

added in 2011

Jean-Pierre Aumont
Ralph Byrd
Robert Clarke
Joan Collins
Virginia Field
Sally Forrest
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Christopher George
John Lupton
Lois Maxwell
Ralph Meeker
Vera Miles
Janet Munro
Dave O'Brien
Kane Richmond
Jean Rogers
George Sanders
Glenn Strange
Helen Walker
Dana Wynter

added in 2010

John Archer
Carroll Baker
Jacques Bergerac
Lloyd Bridges
Hillary Brooke
Robert Cummings
Peter Cushing
Bradford Dillman
Marla English
Lance Fuller
Brett Halsey
John Hodiak
Andrea King
Margaret Lee
Peter Lorre
Carol Lynley
Cameron Mitchell
Donald Pleasence
Zachary Scott
Tom Tryon
Stuart Whitman
Fred Williamson

added in 2009

Stephen Boyd
Peter Brown
William Campbell
Mike Connors
Cesare Danova
John Ericson
Lisa Gaye
Nat Pendleton
Mala Powers
Ziva Rodann

added in 2008

Richard Arlen
James Best
Turhan Bey
Wendell Corey
David Manners
Wanda McKay
Kieron Moore
Luciana Paluzzi
Leslie Parrish
Elke Sommer
Lupe Velez

proposed new pages

The following is a list of B movie actors and directors for whom I'd like to construct pages, but I lack photos and/or information. In some cases, these actors had very limited film careers but acted in cult favorites:

Jill Banner (from Spider Baby and C'mon, Let's Live a Little)
Nancy Czar (from Wild Guitar and Winter A Go-Go)
Frank Griffin (from Teen-age Crime Wave and The Giant Claw)
John Hamill (from Trog)
Candace Hilligoss (from Carnival of Souls and Curse of the Living Corpse)
Candy Johnson
Bill Joyce (from I Eat Your Skin and Lifeguard)
Bruno VeSota

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