Born into a wealthy family on February 21, 1914, in Austin, Texas, actor Zachary Scott first became interested in acting in high school and, later, at the University of Texas. After marrying his first wife, Elaine, he left college and set sail for England where he found work as an actor on the London stage. After a couple of years, Scott returned to the U.S., making New York his home while honing his craft in off-Broadway productions and summer stock. By the early 1940s, Scott was cast in several Broadway plays. It was here where he was spotted for films by Jack Warner, who signed Scott to a Warner Bros. contract in 1943. His first film was the film noir thriller The Mask of Dimitrios (1944; with Peter Lorre, Sydney Greenstreet, and Faye Emerson).

Zachary Scott and Joan BennettBugs Bunny and Zachary Scott

LEFT: With Joan Bennett in a play bill photo for an off-Broadway production of Bell, Book, and Candle in the summer of 1953. RIGHT: 1947 Sinclair oil ad with fellow Warner Bros. star Bugs Bunny

At Warner Bros., Scott was in demand in such film noir thrillers as Danger Signal (1945; with Faye Emerson and Bruce Bennett), The Unfaithful (1947; with Ann Sheridan and Lew Ayres), and Flamingo Road (1949; with Joan Crawford and Sydney Greenstreet). However, following his 1949 divorce from his first wife, Scott left Hollywood and moved back to New York, preferring to commute to Hollywood for film roles.

the films of zachary scott

The Southerner (1945)

Zachary Scott

From the drama The Southerner, which was Scott's second film

Danger Signal (1945)

Zachary Scott

Scott as Ronnie Mason in the Warner Bros. film noir thriller Danger Signal

Mildred Pierce (1945)

Ann Blyth, Zachary Scott, and Joan Crawford

From the Warner Bros. noir Mildred Pierce with Ann Blyth and Joan Crawford

Her Kind of Man (1946)

Janis Paige and Zachary ScottZachary Scott, Janis Paige, and Dane Clark

LEFT: With Janis Paige in the Warner Bros. film noir thriller Her Kind of Man. RIGHT: With Janis Paige and Dane Clark

Stallion Road (1947)

Zachary Scott and Alexis Smith

From the Warner Bros. drama Stallion Road with Alexis Smith

The Unfaithful (1947)

Zachary Scott and Eve Arden

From the Warner Bros. film noir thriller The Unfaithful with Eve Arden

Flamingo Road (1949)

Zachary Scott and Joan CrawfordSydney Greenstreet, Zachary Scott, and David BrianZachary Scott and Sydney Greenstreet

LEFT: With Joan Crawford in the Warner Bros. film noir favorite Flamingo Road. CENTER: With Sydney Greenstreet and David Brian. RIGHT: With Sydney Greenstreet

Flaxy Martin (1949)

Dorothy Malone and Zachary ScottVirginia Mayo and Zachary Scott

LEFT: With Dorothy Malone in the Warner Bros. crime drama Flaxy Martin. RIGHT: With Virginia Mayo as the title character

South of St. Louis (1949)

Joel McCrea and Zachary Scott

With Joel McCrea in the Warner Bros. western South of St. Louis

Colt .45 (1950)

Lloyd Bridges, Ruth Roman, and Zachary Scott

With Lloyd Bridges and Ruth Roman in the Warner Bros. western Colt .45

Guilty Bystander (1950)

Zachary Scott

From the low-budget film noir thriller Guilty Bystander, which was shot in New York

Pretty Baby (1950)

Zachary Scott, Betsy Drake, and Dennis Morgan

From the Warner Bros. comedy Pretty Baby with Betsy Drake and Dennis Morgan

Let's Make It Legal (1951)

Zachary Scott and Marilyn Monroe

With Marilyn Monroe in the 20th Century Fox romantic comedy Let's Make It Legal

Wings of Danger (1952)

Zachary Scott

Scott stars in the Hammer Studios film noir production Wings of Danger

Appointment in Honduras (1953)

Ann Sheridan, Glenn Ford, and Zachary Scott

With Ann Sheridan and Glenn Ford in the RKO adventure Appointment in Honduras

Treasure of Ruby Hills (1955)

Zachary Scott and Carole Mathews

With Carole Mathews in the Allied Artists western Treasure of Ruby Hills

The Counterfeit Plan (1957)

Zachary Scott and Peggie Castle

With Peggie Castle in the Warner Bros. crime drama The Counterfeit Plan

later years

Being far removed from Hollywood did Zachary Scott's film career no favors, and he made relatively few films from the mid 1950s onward. With his film career on the back burner, Scott returned to Broadway in a handful of plays and acted in numerous television programs. He married his second wife, actress Ruth Ford, in 1952, and the pair remained in New York. Tragically, Scott was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in the spring of 1965 and passed away at his mother's estate in Austin, Texas, on October 3, 1965, at the age of 51. He was survived by his mother, his wife Ruth, and two daughters.

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It's Only Money (1962) with Jerry Lewis, Joan O'Brien, Jack Weston, Jesse White, Mae Questel, Barbara Pepper, Francine York, and Del Moore
The Expendables (1962) with Mike Connors and Dina Merrill
Jane Eyre (1961) with Sally Ann Howes
Natchez Trace (1960) with William Campbell and Marcia Henderson
White Trash (1960) with Bernie Hamilton
Violent Stranger (1957) with Faith Domergue
The Counterfeit Plan (1957) with Peggie Castle, Mervyn Johns, and Lee Patterson
Bandido (1956) with Robert Mitchum, Ursula Thiess, and Gilbert Roland
Flight Into Danger (1956) with James Doohan
Flame of the Islands (1956) with Yvonne De Carlo, Howard Duff, Barbara O'Neil, and James Arness
Shotgun (1955) with Sterling Hayden, Yvonne De Carlo, and Angela Greene
Treasure of Ruby Hills (1955) with Carole Mathews, Barton MacLane, Dick Foran, Lola Albright, Raymond Hatton, and Lee Van Cleef
Appointment in Honduras (1953) with Glenn Ford, Ann Sheridan, and Jack Elam
Wings of Danger (1952) with Robert Beatty, Kay Kendall, and Diane Cilento
Let's Make It Legal (1951) with Claudette Colbert, Macdonald Carey, Barbara Bates, Robert Wagner, and Marilyn Monroe
Stronghold (1951) with Veronica Lake
The Secret of Convict Lake (1951) with Glenn Ford, Gene Tierney, Ethel Barrymore, Ann Dvorak, Barbara Bates, and Cyril Cusack
Lightning Strikes Twice (1951) with Richard Todd, Ruth Roman, Mercedes McCambridge, and Darryl Hickman
Pretty Baby (1950) with Dennis Morgan, Betsy Drake, Edmund Gwenn, William Frawley, Sheila MacRae, and Barbara Billingsley
Born to Be Bad (1950) with Joan Fontaine, Robert Ryan, Joan Leslie, and Mel Ferrer
Colt .45 (1950) with Randolph Scott, Ruth Roman, and Lloyd Bridges
Shadow on the Wall (1950) with Ann Sothern, Gigi Perreau, Nancy Davis, and Barbara Billingsley
Guilty Bystander (1950) with Faye Emerson and Mary Boland
One Last Fling (1949) with Alexis Smith, Douglas Kennedy, Ann Doran, Veda Ann Borg, Jim Backus, Barbara Bates, and Jody Gilbert
Flamingo Road (1949) with Joan Crawford, Sydney Greenstreet, David Brian, and Fred Clark
South of St. Louis (1949) with Joel McCrea, Alexis Smith, Dorothy Malone, Douglas Kennedy, Victor Jory, and Bob Steele
Flaxy Martin (1949) with Virginia Mayo, Dorothy Malone, Douglas Kennedy, Elisha Cook Jr., and Monte Blue
Whiplash (1948) with Dane Clark, Alexis Smith, Eve Arden, and Douglas Kennedy
Ruthless (1948) with Louis Hayward, Diana Lynn, Sydney Greenstreet, Martha Vickers, and Raymond Burr
Cass Timberlane (1947) with Spencer Tracy, Lana Turner, Tom Drake, Mary Astor, Albert Dekker, and Margaret Lindsay
The Unfaithful (1947) with Ann Sheridan, Lew Ayres, Eve Arden, Jerome Cowan, and John Hoyt
Stallion Road (1947) with Ronald Reagan, Alexis Smith, Peggy Knudsen, Angela Greene, and Ralph Byrd
Her Kind of Man (1946) with Dane Clark, Janis Paige, Faye Emerson, and George Tobias
Danger Signal (1945) with Faye Emerson, Rosemary DeCamp, Bruce Bennett, Mona Freeman, and Joyce Compton
Mildred Pierce (1945) with Jack Carson, Eve Arden, Ann Blyth, Bruce Bennett, and Veda Ann Borg
The Southerner (1945) with Betty Field, J. Carrol Naish, Beulah Bondi, and Percy Kilbride
The Mask of Dimitrios (1944) with Sydney Greenstreet, Faye Emerson, and Peter Lorre

The Rogues, episode Bow to a Master, originally aired February 7, 1965
The Doctors and the Nurses, episode Show Just Cause Why You Should Weep, originally aired October 3, 1963
The DuPont Show of the Week, episode Big Deal in Laredo, originally aired October 7, 1962
The Defenders, episode The Locked Room, originally aired February 10, 1962
The New Breed, episode Policemen Die Alone Parts I and II, originally aired February 6, 1962
Password All-Stars, episode Betsy Palmer vs. Zachary Scott, originally aired December 4, 1961
Rawhide, episode Incident Before Black Pass, originally aired May 19, 1961
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General Electric Summer Originals, episode The Unwilling Witness, originally aired July 24, 1956
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Science Fiction Theatre, episode Beyond Return, originally aired December 9, 1955
Science Fiction Theatre, episode The Lost Heartbeat, originally aired August 19, 1955
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G.E. True Theater, episode It Gives Me Great Pleasure, originally aired April 3, 1955
Climax!, episode The Darkest Hour, originally aired March 24, 1955
Lux Video Theatre, episode The Mansion, originally aired October 7, 1954
The United States Steel Hour, episode The Grand Tour, originally aired August 17, 1954
Robert Montgomery Presents, episode Skyblock, originally aired May 17, 1954
Campbell Summer Soundstage, episode Break the Mirror, originally aired Ferbuary 26, 1954
The Motorola Television Hour, episode A Dash of Bitters, originally aired February 9, 1954
Schlitz Playhouse, episode Pearl-Handled Guns, originally aired January 15, 1954
Omnibus, episode The Man Who Married a Dumb Wife, originally aired 1954
Suspense, episode The Newcomer, originally aired November 17, 1953
The Revlon Mirror Theater, episode Award Performance, originally aired November 7, 1953
Medallion Theatre, episode The Padre of San Pablo, originally aired September 12, 1953
Studio One in Hollywood, episode King Coffin, originally aired May 11, 1953
Suspense, episode Death in the Cave, originally aired March 31, 1953
Tales of Tomorrow, episode Sneak Attack, originally aired December 7, 1951
Pulitzer Prize Playhouse, episode The Raven, originally aired November 10, 1950
Lux Video Theatre, episode The Valiant, originally aired October 23, 1950
Armstrong Circle Theatre, episode Round-Up, originally aired October 3, 1950
Robert Montgomery Presents, episode The Big Sleep, originally aired September 25, 1950

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Watch Zachary Scott in a 1951 episode of the ABC anthology series Tales of Tomorrow titled Sneak Attack

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