Born Tiffany Royce Kral on February 6, 1947 (some sources claim 1946), in Santa Monica, California, B movie cult queen Tiffany Bolling's mother, Bettie Miller, was a professional singer and was once the stage partner of comedian Dick Martin. Her father was Roy Kral, a pianist and singer. Bolling's parents divorced shortly after her birth. Eventually, her mother married entrepreneur William Bolling, and she was adopted by him. As a teenager, the family moved to south Florida, and Bolling embarked upon a singing career in coffee houses. After a small role in the crime drama Tony Rome (1967; with Frank Sinatra and Richard Conte), shot near her Florida home, she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox and moved to California. A brief first marriage in 1969 lasted just a few months, just as her acting career was beginning to heat up. While her movie contract went nowhere, she got a big break when she was cast in the ABC series The New People in 1969. Scripted by Rod Serling and produced by Aaron Spelling, the experimental show was canceled by the network in 1970.

Tiffany BollingTiffany Bolling

LEFT: Cover of her self-titled album, released in 1970. RIGHT: Cheesecake photo from 1973

With occasional roles in theatrical and made-for-television films and some guest-star roles on television series, Bolling kept her acting career going, and she even posed for Playboy in 1972 for career exposure. It must have worked, because shortly thereafter Bolling starred in a succession of violent exploitation films that now enjoy cult status: Bonnie's Kids (1973; with Robin Mattson and Scott Brady), Wicked, Wicked (1973; with Edd Byrnes and Diane McBain), The Candy Snatchers (1973; with Ben Piazza), and The Centerfold Girls (1974; with Andrew Prine).

the films of tiffany bolling

The New People (1969-1970 ABC TV Series)

Tiffany Bolling, Peter Ratray, David Moses, Jill Jaress, Zooey Hall, and Dennis Olivieri

With co-stars Peter Ratray, David Moses, Jill Jaress, Zooey Hall, and Dennis Olivieri in the Rod Serling scripted drama The New People, produced by Aaron Spelling. Oddly, each episode had a 45-minute running time. This was Bolling's only series

Another Part of the Forest (1972)

Tiffany Bolling

From the made for television drama Another Part of the Forest, which originally aired on PBS

The Bold Ones: The Lawyers (1969-1972 NBC TV Series)

Tiffany Bolling and James Farentino

With series star James Farentino in a February 1972 episode of The Bold Ones: The Lawyers titled Lisa, I Hardly Knew You

Bonnie's Kids (1973)

Robin Mattson, Scott Brady, and Tiffany Bolling

With Robin Mattson and Scott Brady in the low-budget actioner Bonnie's Kids

Wicked, Wicked (1973)

Tiffany Bolling and David Bailey

With David Bailey in the experimental horror film Wicked, Wicked. In addition to acting, Bolling also sings in this film

The Candy Snatchers (1973)

Tiffany BollingTiffany Bolling

Bolling turns in the strongest performance of her career as Jessie, one of the kidnappers in the low budget crime thriller The Candy Snatchers

The Centerfold Girls (1974)

Tiffany Bolling and Andrew Prine

Bolling serves as a decoy to lure serial murderer Andrew Prine into a trap in the grindhouse thriller The Centerfold Girls

The Wild Party (1975)

Tiffany Bolling

As Kate in the American International drama The Wild Party, which was based on the 1921 scandal that killed comic actor Fatty Arbuckle's career

Bronk (1975-1976 CBS TV Series)

Tiffany Bolling and Cameron Mitchell

Bolling guest-starred alongside Cameron Mitchell in a March 1976 episode of Bronk titled The Vigilante

Kingdom of the Spiders (1977)

William Shatner and Tiffany BollingWilliam Shatner, Lieux Dressler, Tiffany Bolling

From the drive-in horror favorite Kingdom of the Spiders, shot in Sedona, Arizona, for $500,000. This film grossed nearly $20 million at the box office. LEFT: With B movie veteran William Shatner. RIGHT: Ending scene of the film, with William Shatner and Lieux Dressler

tiffany bolling today

Despite starring in the horror hit Kingdom of the Spiders and appearing on popular television shows such as Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and Charlie's Angels, Tiffany Bolling's career hit rough seas in the late 1970s, as exploitation films fell out of favor with audiences. Bolling married for a second time in 1976, but the union ended after just a few years. Following her third marriage to producer Richard Casares in 1983 and the birth of her daughter in 1985, she put her career on hold to focus on family and other interests. Now 68 years old, Bolling is instantly recognizable and is once again singing; her latest video can be seen on Youtube.

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Blind Sight (1998) with Erik Estrada
Open House (1987) with Joseph Bottoms, Adrienne Barbeau, and Rudy Ramos
Love Scenes (1984) with Julie Newmar, Jack Carter, Britt Ekland, and Monique Gabrielle
The Vals (1982) with Chuck Connors, Sue Ane Langdon, Sonny Bono, and John Carradine
Kingdom of the Spiders (1977) with William Shatner, Woody Strode, Lieux Dressler, and Altovise Davis
The Wild Party (1975) with James Coco, Raquel Welch, Perry King, Royal Dano, and David Dukes
The Centerfold Girls (1974) with Andrew Prine, Jaime Lyn Bauer, Aldo Ray, Tallie Cochrane, Ray Danton, Francine York, Jeremy Slate, and Mike Mazurki
Key West (1973) with Stephen Boyd, Woody Strode, Simon Oakland, Ford Rainey, and Sheree North
The Candy Snatchers (1973) with Ben Piazza and Dolores Dorn
Wicked, Wicked (1973) with Scott Brady, Edd Byrnes, Diane McBain, and Madeleine Sherwood
Bonnie's Kids (1973) with Robin Mattson, Scott Brady, Alex Rocco, Leo Gordon, and Max Showalter
Another Part of the Forest (1972) with Barry Sullivan, Peter Brocco, Robert Foxworth, Dorothy McGuire, Maidie Norman, Andrew Prine, and Tisha Sterling
The Marriage of a Young Stockbroker (1971) with Richard Benjamin, Elizabeth Ashley, Adam West, and Patricia Barry
Triangle (1970) with Dana Wynter, Ray Danton, Eve Brent, Peter Mamakos, and Ann Jillian
Tony Rome (1967) with Frank Sinatra, Richard Conte, Gena Rowlands, Simon Oakland, and Lloyd Bochner

The New People, 1969–1970 ABC television series. Bolling portrayed Susan Bradley

High Mountain Rangers, episode Old Friends, New Friends, originally aired January 9, 1988
Vega$, episode Heist, originally aired February 25, 1981
Vega$, episode The Games Girls Play, originally aired September 27, 1978
Charlie's Angels, episode Game, Set, Death, originally aired January 4, 1978
The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, episode Woman in the Wilderness, originally aired December 28, 1977
Barnaby Jones, episode The Captives, originally aired November 10, 1977
Man from Atlantis, episode The Death Scouts, originally aired April 22, 1977
Switch, episode Portraits of Death, originally aired January 4, 1977
Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, episode The Spider Lady: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired December 4 and 11, 1976
Bronk, episode The Vigilante, originally aired March 28, 1976
Mannix, episode A World Without Sundays, originally aired November 4, 1973
The New Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Deadly Deeds, originally aired October 21, 1973
Toma, episode The Oberon Contract, originally aired October 4, 1973
The Sixth Sense, episode Witch, Witch, Burning Bright, originally aired March 11, 1972
Rod Serling's Night Gallery, episode Witch, Witch Burning Bright, originally aired March 11, 1972
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers, episode Lisa, I Hardly Knew You, originally aired February 13, 1972
Mannix, episode A Day Filled with Shadows, originally aired February 13, 1971
Medical Center, episode Crisis, originally aired December 9, 1970
Marcus Welby, M.D., episode The Girl from Rainbow Beach, originally aired November 17, 1970
Ironside, episode The Wrong Time, the Wrong Place, originally aired February 5, 1970
Mod Squad, episode A Seat by the Window, originally aired April 15, 1969
Bonanza, episode Five Candles, originally aired March 2, 1969

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