Born John Gary Yurosek on February 21, 1937, in Van Nuys, California, actor Gary Lockwood grew up in southern California. In 1955, he accepted a football scholarship offered by UCLA. Upon graduating in 1959, Lockwood found work in Hollywood, first as a stuntman and stand-in, and was soon offered small roles on television and in such films as the western Warlock (1959; with Richard Widmark) and the comedy Tall Story (1960; with Anthony Perkins, Jane Fonda, and Van Williams). His first credited film role came in Wild in the Country (1961; with Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, and Tuesday Weld). In 1961 he was cast in the ABC adventure series Follow the Sun (1961-1962) alongside Brett Halsey and Barry Coe and was later cast as the star in the NBC series The Lieutenant (1963–1964).

Gary Lockwood and Stefanie Powers

Lockwood married actress Stefanie Powers in August 1966

Until being cast in the biggest picture of his career, Stanley Kubrick's 1968 science fiction epic 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968; with Keir Dullea), the majority of Lockwood's career had been spent in television in guest-starring roles on Star Trek, Gunsmoke, and 12 O'Clock High. Following the success of 2001, he was cast in several films, including They Came to Rob Las Vegas (1968; with Elke Sommer). R.P.M. (1970; with Anthony Quinn and Ann-Margret), and Stand Up and Be Counted (1972; with Jacqueline Bisset and Stella Stevens), as well as in a number of made-for-television films.

the films of gary lockwood

Splendor in the Grass (1961)

Gary Lockwood

Lockwood's first credited film role came in Elia Kazan's Splendor in the Grass, released by Warner Bros.

Follow the Sun (1961-1962 ABC TV Series)

Gary Lockwood and Rhonda FlemingGary Lockwood and Tuesday Weld

LEFT: With Rhonda Fleming in a March 1962 episode of the ABC TV series Follow the Sun. RIGHT: With Tuesday Weld in an October 1961 episode

The Magic Sword (1962)

Anne Helm and Gary Lockwood

From the Bert I. Gordon adventure The Magic Sword with Anne Helm

The Lieutenant (1963-1964 NBC TV Series)

Gary Lockwood

Lockwood starred in the short-lived NBC series The Lieutenant

It Happened at the World's Fair (1963)

Gary Lockwood and Elvis PresleyGary Lockwood and Elvis Presley

From the musical romance It Happened at the World's Fair with Elvis Presley

Kraft Suspense Theatre (1963-1965 NBC TV Series)

Sally Kellerman, Gary Lockwood, and Peter Breck

With Sally Kellerman and Peter Breck in a July 1965 episode of Kraft Suspense Theatre titled Connery's Hands

They Came to Rob Las Vegas (1968)

Elke Sommer and Gary Lockwood

Lockwood and Elke Sommer plot to rob an armored car in the crime drama They Came to Rob Las Vegas

Firecreek (1968)

Gary Lockwood

As Earl in the Warner Bros. western Firecreek

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Gary LockwoodGary Lockwood and Keir Dullea

LEFT: As Dr. Frank Poole in Stanley Kubrick's science fiction masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey. Released in April 1968, the production of this film lasted for nearly three years. RIGHT: With co-star Keir Dullea

Model Shop (1969)

Gary Lockwood and Anouk AiméeAlexandra Hay and Gary Lockwood

LEFT: Lockwood has an affair with Anouk Aimée in the Columbia drama Model Shop. RIGHT: Alexandra Hay portrays Lockwood's girlfriend

The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One (1974)

Gary Lockwood and Robert Foxworth

As gangster Fred Barker with Robert Foxworth (as Alvin Karpis) in the CBS made-for-TV film The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One

Manhunter (1974)

Gary Lockwood and Stefanie Powers

With Stefanie Powers in the CBS made-for-TV period crime drama Manhunter

The Blue Knight (1975-1976 CBS TV Series)

Gary Lockwood

Lockwood guest-starred on a 1976 episode of the CBS drama The Blue Knight entitled Bull's Eye

Bad Georgia Road (1977)/h4>
Carol Lynley and Gary Lockwood

With Carol Lynley in the drive-in comedy Bad Georgia Road

gary lockwood today

Lockwood's marriage to Powers was over by 1972, yet the two remained friends and co-starred in the made-for-TV film Manhunter, and Lockwood had a guest-starring role on Power's series Hart to Hart in 1983. Lockwood married actress Denise DuBarry in 1982, and the couple's daughter, Samantha Lockwood, is an up-and-coming actress. Lockwood and DuBarry parted ways in 1988.

Although film stardom eluded Lockwood, he worked extensively in television and was cast in such films as Project: Kill (1976; with Leslie Nielsen and Nancy Kwan), Bad Georgia Road (1977; with Carol Lynley), Survival Zone (1983; with Camilla Sparv), and The Wild Pair (1987; with Beau Bridges, Bubba Smith, and Lloyd Bridges). While his career was going well into the 1990s, Lockwood more or less retired from the screen. That said, he has recently accepted roles in the films Unbelievable!!!!! (2015; with Olivia d'Abo and Michael Madsen) and Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time (2015; with John Savage, Cindy Pickett, and Celeste Yarnall). Lockwood's daughter Samantha has also been cast in the latter film.

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Unbelievable!!!!! (2016) with Dina Meyer, Olivia d'Abo, Michael Madsen, and Nichelle Nichols
Star Trek Equinox: The Night of Time (2016) with John Savage, Cindy Pickett, and Celeste Yarnall
A Bedfull of Foreigners (1998) with John C. Broderick and Barbara De Rossi
Night of the Scarecrow (1995) with Bruce Glover, Dirk Blocker, and Martine Beswick
Terror in Paradise (1995) with Joanna Pettet
The Wild Pair (1987) with Beau Bridges, Bubba Smith, Lloyd Bridges, Raymond St. Jacques, Lela Rochon, and Ellen Geer
The Return of the Six-Million-Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987) with Lindsay Wagner, Lee Majors, Richard Anderson, Martin Landau, and William Campbell
Half Nelson (1985) with Joe Pesci, Fred Williamson, Bubba Smith, Morgan Brittany, Rory Calhoun, George Kennedy, Bernie Kopell, and Dean Martin
Survival Zone (1983) with Camilla Sparv
Emergency Room (1983) with Tim Burd, Sarah Purcell, LeVar Burton, Gary Frank, Julie Sommars, and Conchata Ferrell
The Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite (1981) with Lee Purcell, Zohra Lampert, Jack Elam, Jerry Mathers, Lyle Alzado, Carol Lawrence, Tom Poston, Larry Linville, Morgan Fairchild, and Gene Barry
Top of the Hill (1980) with Adrienne Barbeau, Sonny Bono, Peter Brown, Macdonald Carey, Rae Dawn Chong, Mel Ferrer, Paula Prentiss, Wayne Rogers, and Elke Sommer
The Incredible Journey of Doctor Meg Laurel (1979) with Lindsay Wagner, Jane Wyman, Andrew Duggan, Brock Peters, John Reilly, James Woods, and Dorothy McGuire
The Ghost of Flight 401 (1978) with Ernest Borgnine, Kim Basinger, Howard Hesseman, Russell Johnson, and Alan Oppenheimer
Bad Georgia Road (1977) with Carol Lynley, Royal Dano, and Mary Woronov
Kit Carson and the Mountain Men (1977) with Christopher Connelly, Robert Reed, Ike Eisenmann, and Richard Jaeckel
The Quest: The Longest Drive (1976) with Kurt Russell, Tim Matheson, Dan O'Herlihy, Keenan Wynn, Woody Strode, Erik Estrada, and Richard Davalos
Project: Kill (1976) with Leslie Nielsen, Nancy Kwan, and Vic Diaz
The F.B.I. Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One (1974) with Robert Foxworth, David Wayne, Kay Lenz, Anne Francis, Chris Robinson, and Eileen Heckart
Manhunter (1974) with Ken Howard, Tim O'Connor, Stefanie Powers, John Anderson, L.Q. Jones, Ford Rainey, R.G. Armstrong, and Marie Windsor
Stand Up and Be Counted (1972) with Jacqueline Bisset, Stella Stevens, Steve Lawrence, Lee Purcell, Loretta Swit, and Hector Elizondo
Earth II (1971) with Scott Hylands, Anthony Franciosa, Mariette Hartley, Gary Merrill, Inga Swenson, and Lew Ayres
R.P.M. (1970) with Anthony Quinn, Ann-Margret, Paul Winfield, and Graham Jarvis
Model Shop (1969) with Anouk Aimée
They Came to Rob Las Vegas (1968) with Elke Sommer, Lee J. Cobb, and Jack Palance
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) with Keir Dullea, William Sylvester, and Margaret Tyzack
Firecreek (1968) with James Stewart, Henry Fonda, Inger Stevens, Dean Jagger, Ed Begley, Jack Elam, James Best, BarBara Luna, and Brooke Bundy
It Happened at the World's Fair (1963) with Elvis Presley, Joan O'Brien, and Yvonne Craig
The Magic Sword (1962) with Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, and Anne Helm
Splendor in the Grass (1961) with Natalie Wood, Warren Beatty, Pat Hingle, Zohra Lampert, and Sandy Dennis
Wild in the Country (1961) with Elvis Presley, Hope Lange, Tuesday Weld, Millie Perkins, John Ireland, and Christina Crawford
Tall Story (1960) with Anthony Perkins, Jane Fonda, Ray Walston, Anne Jackson, Murray Hamilton, Tom Laughlin, and Van Williams
The Lieutenant, 1963–1964 NBC TV series. Lockwood portrayed Lt. William 'Bill' Rice
Follow the Sun, 1961-1962 ABC TV series. Lockwood portrayed Eric Jason
Dark Skies, episode The Warren Omission, originally aired January 18, 1997
Murder, She Wrote, episode Roadkill, originally aired May 1, 1994
Murder, She Wrote, episode Tainted Lady, originally aired May 5, 1991
Superboy, episode Stand Up and Get Knocked Down, originally aired February 18, 1989
The Highwayman, episode Send in the Clones, originally aired April 8, 1988
MacGyver, episode Mask of the Wolf, originally aired March 28, 1988
Murder, She Wrote, episode Indian Giver, originally aired November 29, 1987
Hotel, episode Mixed Emotions, originally aired October 10, 1987
Simon & Simon, episode Tonsillitis, originally aired December 18, 1986
Trapper John, M.D., episode Research and Destroy, originally aired August 21, 1986
Scarecrow and Mrs. King, episode The Eyes Have It, originally aired February 17, 1986
Simon & Simon, episode Family Forecast, originally aired February 6, 1986
T.J. Hooker, episode To Kill a Cop, originally aired October 9, 1985
Murder, She Wrote, episode Sudden Death, originally aired March 3, 1985
Simon & Simon, episode The Mickey Mouse Mob, originally aired February 14, 1985
Finder of Lost Loves, episode Wayward Dreams, originally aired January 26, 1985
Cover Up, episode The Million Dollar Face, originally aired October 6, 1984
Matt Houston, episode On the Run, originally aired March 30, 1984
The Fall Guy, episode King of the Cowboys, originally aired February 29, 1984
Simon & Simon, episode The Wrong Stuff, originally aired February 9, 1984
T.J. Hooker, episode The Snow Game, originally aired January 14, 1984
Hart to Hart, episode Emily by Hart, originally aired January 11, 1983
Matt Houston, episode The Good Doctor, originally aired December 12, 1982
The Fall Guy, episode Scavenger Hunt, originally aired May 5, 1982
Charlie's Angels, episode Angels of the Deep, originally aired December 7, 1980
Vega$, episode Sudden Death, originally aired November 19, 1980
Trapper John, M.D., episode 'Til Life Do Us Part, originally aired February 10, 1980
Hawaii Five-O, episode School for Assassins, originally aired January 1, 1980
Barnaby Jones, episode Man on Fire, originally aired September 20, 1979
Starsky and Hutch, episode The Heavyweight, originally aired January 14, 1978
The Bionic Woman, episode The Night Demon, originally aired March 23, 1977
Hunter, episode The Costa Rican Connection, originally aired March 18, 1977
Police Story, episode End of the Line, originally aired February 22, 1977
The Streets of San Francisco, episode Monkey Is Back, originally aired January 13, 1977
The Quest, episode The Longest Drive: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired December 1 and 8, 1976
Police Story, episode Trash Detail, Front and Center, originally aired November 16, 1976
Barnaby Jones, episode Final Ransom, originally aired November 11, 1976
The Blue Knight, episode Bull's Eye, originally aired September 22, 1976
Barnaby Jones, episode Dangerous Gambit, originally aired February 26, 1976
Cannon, episode Cry Wolf, originally aired January 28, 1976
Three for the Road, episode Match Point, originally aired September 21, 1975
The Six Million Dollar Man, episode Steve Austin, Fugitive, originally aired April 27, 1975
Cannon, episode Coffin Corner, originally aired January 15, 1975
Movin' On, episode Games, originally aired November 14, 1974
Barnaby Jones, episode Blueprint for a Caper, originally aired October 29, 1974
Ironside, episode Cross Doublecross, originally aired October 10, 1974
The Six Million Dollar Man, episode Eyewitness to Murder, originally aired March 8, 1974
The F.B.I., episode The Animal, originally aired February 17, 1974
Barnaby Jones, episode The Platinum Connection, originally aired January 20, 1974
Medical Center, episode Stranger in Two Worlds, originally aired October 29, 1973
Medical Center, episode Stranger in Two Worlds, originally aired October 29, 1973
Barnaby Jones, episode Sunday: Doomsday, originally aired February 25, 1973
Mission: Impossible, episode The Question, originally aired January 19, 1973
Night Gallery, episode The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes, originally aired November 5, 1972
The Young Lawyers, episode I've Got a Problem, originally aired March 24, 1971
The Young Rebels, episode To Kill a Traitor, originally aired January 4, 1971
Medical Center, episode Man at Bay, originally aired December 16, 1970
Medical Center, episode Assailant, originally aired October 7, 1970
Love, American Style, episode Love and the Doorknob/Love and the Phone Booth, originally aired October 13, 1969
Star Trek, episode Where No Man Has Gone Before, originally aired September 22, 1966
Gunsmoke, episode The Raid: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired January 22 and 29, 1966
The Long, Hot Summer, episode Day of Thunder, originally aired January 19, 1966
The Legend of Jesse James, episode Reunion, originally aired January 10, 1966
Seaway, episode Bonhomme Richard, originally aired November 25, 1965
12 O'Clock High, episode The Idolator, originally aired October 4, 1965
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode Connery's Hands, originally aired July 1, 1965
12 O'Clock High, episode V for Vendetta, originally aired April 16, 1965
12 O'Clock High, episode Appointment at Liege, originally aired November 20, 1964
Combat!, episode Operation Fly Trap, originally aired October 27, 1964
The Lloyd Bridges Show, episode My Daddy Can Lick Your Daddy, originally aired January 22, 1963
Perry Mason, episode The Case of the Playboy Pugilist, originally aired October 11, 1962
Saints and Sinners, episode Dear George, the Siamese Cat Is Missing, originally aired September 17, 1962
Bus Stop, episode Cherie, originally aired November 12, 1961
Bronco, episode Bodyguard, originally aired October 20, 1959

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