Born in Oklahoma City on October 13, 1942, gorgeous Pamela Tiffin grew up in Chicago, where she began a modeling career while in her early teens. She moved to New York to model and attend college, but she became so successful in her modeling career that college soon took a back seat. On a trip to California, Tiffin met producer Hal Wallis (husband of actress Martha Hyer) who was so impressed with the beautiful teenager that he cast her in the Tennessee Williams drama Summer and Smoke (1961). Tiffin's sterling debut performance netted her nominations for two Golden Globe awards (in the Best Supporting Actress and Most Promising Female Newcomer categories) in early 1962. Later that year, Tiffin married magazine mogul Clay Felker.

Pamela TiffinPamela TiffinPamela TiffinPamela Tiffin

Knockout Pamela Tiffin posed for a number of cheesecake shots in the 1960s

Director Billy Wilder was taken with Tiffin's comedic skills and cast her in the Coca-Cola themed One, Two, Three (1961; with James Cagney and Arlene Francis). Afterward, Tiffin would make a number of light-hearted romantic comedies including The Pleasure Seekers (1964; with Ann-Margret) and For Those Who Think Young (1964; with James Darren and Tina Louise). With her marriage failing, she went to Europe in the mid 1960s to star in a number of sexy comedies.

the films of pamela tiffin

One, Two, Three (1961)

Horst Buchholz, Pamela Tiffin, and James CagneyHorst Buchholz, James Cagney, Pamela Tiffin, and Billy WilderPamela Tiffin and Horst Buchholz

LEFT: Scene from One, Two, Three with Horst Buchholz and James Cagney as a Coca-Cola executive. CENTER: Tiffin clowns with Buchholz, Cagney, and director Billy Wilder. RIGHT: Again with Buchholz. Oddly enough, Tiffin starred in two films sponsored by rival soft drink companies: One, Two, Three by Coca-Cola, and For Those Who Think Young by Pepsi

State Fair (1962)

Bobby Darin and Pamela TiffinAlice Faye and Pamela Tiffin

LEFT: With Bobby Darin in the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical State Fair. RIGHT: With Alice Faye as Tiffin's mother

Come Fly with Me (1963)

Pamela Tiffin and Dolores Hart

From the MGM comedy Come Fly with Me with Dolores Hart. This was Hart's final film

The Lively Set (1964)

James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Joanie Sommers, and Doug McClure

With James Darren, Joanie Sommers, and Doug McClure in the Universal youth vehicle The Lively Set

The Hallelujah Trail (1965)

Burt Lancaster, Jim Hutton, and Pamela Tiffin

With Burt Lancaster and Jim Hutton in the comedy western The Hallelujah Trail

Kiss the Other Sheik (1965)

Pamela Tiffin and Marcello Mastroianni

With Marcello Mastroianni in Kiss the Other Sheik

Harper (1966)

Pamela Tiffin and Robert Wagner

With Robert Wagner in the Warner Bros. crime drama Harper

Viva Max! (1969)

Pamela Tiffin and Peter Ustinov

With Peter Ustinov in the underrated comedy Viva Max!

later years

In 1974 Tiffin remarried, and she retired from the screen to raise a family and pursue other interests. She spent her remaining years living in New York with husband Edmondo Danon and her two daughters. Sadly, Pamela Tiffin passed away on December 2, 2020, at age 78. She was survived by her husband and daughters.

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Rose (1986) with Brett Halsey and Valerie Perrine
Brigitte, Laura, Ursula, Monica, Raquel, Litz, Florinda, Barbara, Claudia, e Sofia le chiamo tutte... anima mia (1974)
Kill Me, My Love! (1973) with Farley Granger
The Lady Has Been Raped (1973)
Deaf Smith & Johnny Ears (1972) with Franco Nero and Anthony Quinn
Gang War (1971) with Vittorio De Sica
The Blonde In The Blue Movie (1971)
The Fifth Cord (1971) with Edmund Purdom and Franco Nero
The Archangel (1969) with Vittorio Gassman, Adolfo Celi, and Laura Antonelli
Viva Max! (1969) with Peter Ustinov, Jonathan Winters, and John Astin
The Protagonists (1968) with Sylva Koscina
Kill Me with Kisses (1968) with Ugo Tognazzi, Samson Burke, and Moira Orfei
The Almost Perfect Crime (1966)
Harper (1966) with Paul Newman, Lauren Bacall, Julie Harris, and Shelley Winters
Kiss the Other Sheik (1965) with Marcello Mastroianni, Virna Lisi, and Ugo Tognazzi
The Hallelujah Trail (1965) with Burt Lancaster, Jim Hutton, Lee Remick, Donald Pleasence, and Whit Bissell
For Those Who Think Young (1964) with Tina Louise, James Darren, Paul Lynde, Nancy Sinatra, and Bob Denver
The Pleasure Seekers (1964) with Ann-Margret, Gardner McKay, Anthony Franciosa, and Carol Lynley
The Lively Set (1964) with James Darren and Doug McClure
Come Fly with Me (1963) with Hugh O'Brian, Dolores Hart, Lois Maxwell, and Dawn Addams
State Fair (1962) with Pat Boone, Ann-Margret, Bobby Darin, Alice Faye, and Wally Cox
One, Two, Three (1961) with James Cagney, Arlene Francis, and Horst Buchholz
Summer and Smoke (1961) with Laurence Harvey, Rita Moreno, Geraldine Page, and Max Showalter

Password, 1961-1967 daytime TV game show. Tiffin appeared on the January 8, 1967 broadcast
What's My Line?, 1950-1967 nighttime game show. Tiffin appeared on the March 12, 1967 broadcast
The Fugitive, episode The Girl from Little Egypt, originally aired December 24, 1963
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