Born Norman Eugene Walker in Hartford, Illinois, on May 30, 1927, actor Clint Walker served his country during the waning days of World War II. After his release from the service, Walker held various jobs until deciding to give acting a try. Standing 6'6" tall and weighing about 230 pounds, rugged 28-year-old Clint Walker was signed in 1955 to play the title role in the Warner Bros. TV show Cheyenne. Prior to his signing, he had made only one film, the 1954 Huntz Hall comedy Jungle Gents, in which he portrayed Tarzan. While most people remember Walker as primarily an actor in westerns, Walker made a number of comedies during his career, such as Send Me No Flowers (1964; with Doris Day and Rock Hudson), Sam Whiskey (1968; with Burt Reynolds), The Great Bank Robbery (1969; with Kim Novak), and The Phynx (1970). Of course, some of these comedies were also westerns.

Clint WalkerClint WalkerClint WalkerClint WalkerClint Walker

LEFT: Walker works out with Sugarfoot star Will Hutchins. CENTER A: Working out at home during his hiatus from Cheyenne. CENTER B: Walker on his motorcycle in the early 1960s. RIGHT: Beefcake photos. You will find more photos like this in the Clint Walker Gallery

In 1955, Warner Bros. cast Clint Walker in Cheyenne, which aired on the ABC network during its original run, beginning with the September 1955 telecast. Until the show's end in 1962, it was rarely aired week-to-week. The show was a part of a series entitled Warner Bros. Presents, the studio's first experiment with television that included the shows Conflict, Sugarfoot and, later, Bronco with Ty Hardin.

From the beginning, Cheyenne was by far the most popular of the rotating shows on Warner Bros. Presents. The hour-long show was shot with movie-quality production values, very expensive for the early television era. Walker was instantly catapulted to stardom, but after two years in the role, he realized that the long-term contract he signed with Warner Bros. was too professionally and financially restrictive. Walker and the studio could not reach an agreement on contract negotiations, so Walker walked out on the show in mid-1958. His contract would not allow him to do any other work, so he was forced to remain idle until the two sides finally agreed on a contract in February 1959. The settlement reached between Walker and Warner Bros. was not ideal, and Walker's appearances in film were limited by his contract. Walker wished for the show's end, but its high ratings kept the show going through the end of 1962, when it was canceled. For Cheyenne's final season, from September to December 1962, the show was finally aired on a week-to-week basis, since Sugarfoot and Bronco had been pulled. ABC brought back reruns of Cheyenne on Friday nights in the summer of 1963. It would be more than ten years before Walker would agree to another TV series.

the films of clint walker

Jungle Gents (1954)

Clint Walker

In his first film, Clint Walker, as Tarzan, stalks Huntz Hall in Jungle Gents

Cheyenne (1955-1962 ABC TV Series)

Clint WalkerClint WalkerClint Walker

Walker in the role of Cheyenne Bodie

Fort Dobbs (1958)

Clint Walker and Virginia Mayo

From Fort Dobbs with Virginia Mayo

Yellowstone Kelly (1959)

Clint WalkerClint WalkerClint WalkerEdd Byrnes, Clint Walker, and John Russell

LEFT: From the Warner Bros. western Yellowstone Kelly. RIGHT: With Edd Byrnes and John Russell

Gold of the Seven Saints (1961)

Clint Walker, Roger Moore, and Leticia RomanClint WalkerClint Walker and Roger Moore

From Gold of the Seven Saints. Also pictured are Roger Moore and Leticia Roman

Send Me No Flowers (1964)

Clint Walker

Portrait of Clint Walker from Universal's hilarious comedy Send Me No Flowers

None But the Brave (1965)

Clint Walker and Tommy Sands

With Tommy Sands in None But the Brave

Maya (1965)

Clint Walker

From the MGM adventure Maya

The Night of the Grizzly (1966)

Clint WalkerClint WalkerClint Walker

LEFT and CENTER: Shots from Paramount's The Night of the Grizzly. RIGHT: Walker slaps Ron Ely around

The Lucy Show

Clint Walker

From Walker's 1966 appearance on The Lucy Show

The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Clint WalkerClint Walker and Lee Marvin

LEFT: Walker as Samson Posey in The Dirty Dozen. RIGHT: Walker mixes it up with Lee Marvin in a scene from the film

More Dead Than Alive (1969)

Clint Walker and Anne FrancisClint Walker and Vincent Price

From the offbeat western More Dead Than Alive. LEFT: With love interest Anne Francis. RIGHT: With con man Vincent Price

Sam Whiskey (1969)

Clint Walker and Burt ReynoldsClint Walker, Burt Reynolds, and Ossie Davis

From Sam Whiskey. LEFT: With Burt Reynolds. RIGHT: With Burt Reynolds and Ossie Davis

Yuma (1970)

Clint Walker

An ABC "Movie of the Week" produced in 1970, Yuma was for Walker a return to television in a role not unlike that of Cheyenne Bodie. Edgar Buchanan served as Walker's co-star in the 75-minute western

Hardcase (1971)

Clint Walker and Alex Karras

Scene from ABC's made-for-TV western Hardcase with Alex Karras

The Bounty Man (1972)

Clint Walker, John Ericson, and Margot KidderClint Walker and Margot Kidder

From the ABC made-for-TV western The Bounty Man. LEFT: With Margot Kidder and John Ericson. RIGHT: With Margot Kidder

Kodiak (1974 TV Series)

Clint Walker

From Walker's 1974 TV series Kodiak, produced by Warner Bros.

Killdozer (1974)

Carl Betz and Clint Walker

From ABC's made-for-tv horror flick Killdozer with Carl Betz

later years

In May 1971, Walker experienced a near-fatal accident while skiing with his daughter at Mammoth Mountain. After a fall, his ski pole pierced his chest and injured his heart, necessitating open-heart surgery. After his recovery, his career pace slowed somewhat. He returned to television in a number of made-for-TV films, including The Bounty Man (1972; with Richard Basehart and John Ericson), Scream of the Wolf (1974; with Peter Graves and Philip Carey), and Killdozer (1974; with Carl Betz and Neville Brand). After the theatrical release of Deadly Harvest (1977; with Kim Cattrall), he went into semi-retirement, accepting only occasional acting jobs into the 1990s. Sadly, Clint Walker passed away from congestive heart failure on May 21, 2018, at age 90, just a week shy of his birthday. He is survived by his wife and a daughter.

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Small Soldiers (1998) (voice work only)
The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (1991) with Kenny Rogers, Doug McClure, Hugh O'Brian, and Chuck Connors
The Serpent Warriors (1985) with Eartha Kitt
Hysterical (1983) with Charlie Callas, the Hudson Brothers, Julie Newmar, and Richard Kiel
Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979) with Jayne Kennedy and Peter Lawford
The White Buffalo (1977) with Stuart Whitman, Charles Bronson, Kim Novak, and John Carradine
Deadly Harvest (1977) with Kim Cattrall
Snowbeast (1977) with Yvette Mimieux and Bo Svenson
Baker's Hawk (1976) with Diane Baker, Burl Ives, and Danny Bonaduce
Killdozer (1974) with Carl Betz, Neville Brand, and Robert Urich
Scream of the Wolf (1974) with Peter Graves, Philip Carey, and Jo Ann Pflug
Pancho Villa (1973) with Anne Francis, Telly Savalas, and Chuck Connors
The Bounty Man (1972) with John Ericson, Margot Kidder, and Richard Basehart
Hardcase (1972) with Stefanie Powers and Alex Karras
Yuma (1971) with Edgar Buchanan, Bruce Glover, and Peter Mark Richman
The Phynx (1970)
The Great Bank Robbery (1969) with Kim Novak, Claude Akins, Akim Tamiroff, Larry Storch, Ruth Warrick, Sam Jaffe, and Elisha Cook Jr.
More Dead Than Alive (1969) with Anne Francis, Mike Henry, and Beverly Powers
Sam Whiskey (1969) with Burt Reynolds and William Boyett
The Dirty Dozen (1967) with Lee Marvin, Charles Bronson, Ralph Meeker, and Jim Brown
The Night of the Grizzly (1966) with Martha Hyer, Nancy Kulp, and Ron Ely
Maya (1965) with Jay North
None But the Brave (1965) with Frank Sinatra and Tommy Sands
Send Me No Flowers (1964) with Rock Hudson, Tony Randall, and Doris Day
Gold of the Seven Saints (1961) with Roger Moore
Yellowstone Kelly (1959) with Edd Byrnes and Ray Danton
Fort Dobbs (1958) with Virginia Mayo and Brian Keith
The Ten Commandments (1956) with Yvonne De Carlo, Debra Paget, Vincent Price, and John Derek
Jungle Gents (1954) with Woody Strode and Huntz Hall

Centennial, 1978 miniseries
Kodiak, 1974 TV series with Walker in the title role. Kodiak McKay was a cop with the Alaska State Patrol; the show was filmed in Alaska, but it failed to catch on. After five episodes, Kodiak was canceled in October 1974
Cheyenne, 1955-1962 ABC TV series. Walker portrayed Cheyenne Bodie

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, episode Gunfighters, originally aired February 27, 1995
Sweating Bullets, episode The Last of the Magnificent, originally aired February 22, 1993
The Love Boat, episode Friend of the Family, originally aired October 29, 1983
The Lucy Show, episode Lucy and Clint Walker, originally aired March 7, 1966
The Lucy Show, episode Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty, originally aired November 15, 1965
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode Portrait of an Unknown Man, originally aired April 16, 1964
The Jack Benny Show, episode The Tall Cowboy Sketch, originally aired October 15, 1963
77 Sunset Strip, episode 5, a five-part show with many guest stars, originally aired October 1963
Stump the Stars, episode Clint Walker vs. Mamie Van Doren, originally aired July 1, 1963
Maverick, episode Hadley's Hunters, originally aired September 25, 1960

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