Born on January 4, 1927, in Denver, Colorado, beautiful Barbara Rush was a natural for films. Upon finishing high school, Rush enrolled at the University of California and later honed her craft at the Pasadena Playhouse. Spotted by a talent agent while appearing in a play, she signed with Paramount in 1950. The studio's first assignment for the pretty young actress was a role in the 1951 theatrical release The Goldbergs. A few months before the release of the film, Rush met the handsome young actor Jeffrey Hunter, whom she married in December 1950. Marriage didn't slow Rush's career, as she was soon cast in a starring role in Paramount's science fiction classic When Worlds Collide (1951; with Richard Derr). After the birth of her son in 1952, Rush left Paramount and signed with Universal-International. This studio also cast the actress in a cult-classic science fiction film, It Came from Outer Space (1953; with Richard Carlson). After a couple of years at Universal, Rush moved on to bigger and better roles. At the same time, her marriage to Jeffrey Hunter collapsed, ending with the couple's divorce in 1955.

Jeffrey Hunter and Barbara RushBarbara Rush and Gregg Palmer

LEFT: Barbara Rush with first husband Jeffrey Hunter in the early 1950s. RIGHT: Rush holds a photo of Gregg Palmer in this early 1950s Universal still

In the late 1950s, Rush remarried, and along with the change, transitioned to A pictures, such as The Young Philadelphians (1959; with Paul Newman and Alexis Smith) and Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964; with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin). Into the 1960s, however, Rush began doing a lot of guest appearances on television series and made-for-television movies.

the films of barbara rush

When Worlds Collide (1951)

Barbara Rush

From Paramount's science fiction cult classic When Worlds Collide

Flaming Feather (1952)

Barbara Rush, Sterling Hayden, Richard Arlen, Arleen Whelan, and Victor Jory

From the Paramount western Flaming Feather with Sterling Hayden, Richard Arlen, Arleen Whelan, and Victor Jory

It Came from Outer Space (1953)

Charles Drake, Barbara Rush, and Richard CarlsonCharles Drake, Kathleen Hughes, Barbara Rush, and Richard CarlsonBarbara RushBarbara RushBarbara Rush and Richard Carlson

Images from Universal-International's cult science fiction favorite It Came from Outer Space. LEFT. With Charles Drake and Richard Carlson. CENTER A: With Charles Drake, Richard Carlson, and Kathleen Hughes. CENTER B and C: Promotional stills. RIGHT: Richard Carlson

Prince of Pirates (1953)

John Derek and Barbara Rush

With John Derek in the Columbia swashbuckler Prince of Pirates

Taza, Son of Cochise (1954)

Rock Hudson and Barbara RushBarbara Rush and Rex Reason

LEFT: With Rock Hudson in Universal-International's Taza, Son of Cochise. RIGHT: With Rex Reason. Originally shot in 3-D, Taza, Son of Cochise was released flat (2-D) because the spectacle of 3-D had begun to fade

Kiss of Fire (1955)

Barbara Rush and Jack PalanceBarbara Rush and Jack PalanceBarbara Rush and Martha HyerRex Reason and Barbara Rush

From the Universal-International costume drama Kiss of Fire. LEFT and CENTER A: With Jack Palance as El Tigre. CENTER B: With Martha Hyer. RIGHT: With Rex Reason

World in My Corner (1956)

Audie Murphy and Barbara Rush

From World in My Corner with Audie Murphy

Come Blow Your Horn (1963)

Barbara Rush and Frank Sinatra

With Frank Sinatra in Paramount's Come Blow Your Horn

Strategy of Terror (1969)

Barbara Rush and Hugh O'BrianBarbara Rush and Hugh O'Brian

With Hugh O'Brian in the Universal whodunnit Strategy of Terror

barbara rush today

Proving to be not only beautiful but highly talented as well, Barbara Rush's career has outlasted most of her contemporaries. Active in Hollywood until a few years ago, Rush had a recurring role on the long-running TV series 7th Heaven. Rush has also done quite a bit of stage work, including her own one-woman Broadway show. Now 87 years old, Barbara Rush is retired from acting.

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Widow's Kiss (1996) with Beverly D'Angelo, Mackenzie Astin, and Bruce Davison
Web of Deceit (1991) with Linda Purl
Summer Lovers (1982) with Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah, and Carole Cook
The Night the Bridge Fell Down (1980) with Desi Arnaz Jr., James MacArthur, Leslie Nielsen, Larry Pennell, Eve Plumb, Francine York, and Gregory Sierra
Can't Stop the Music (1980) with the Village People, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenberg, Paul Sand, Tammy Grimes, June Havoc, and Altovise Davis
Flamingo Road (1980) with Mason Adams, John Beck, Howard Duff, Morgan Fairchild, Mark Harmon, Kevin McCarthy, Melba Moore, and Stella Stevens
The Seekers (1979) with Hugh O'Brian, Robert Reed, Martin Milner, Stuart Whitman, and John Carradine
Death Car on the Freeway (1979) with Shelley Hack, Peter Graves, Dinah Shore, George Hamilton, Frank Gorshin, Sid Haig, and Harriet Nelson
The Last Day (1975) with Richard Widmark, Robert Conrad, Tim Matheson, Tom Skerritt, and Loretta Swit
Superdad (1974) with Bob Crane, Kurt Russell, Ed Begley Jr., and Dick Van Patten
Crime Club (1973) with Lloyd Bridges, Victor Buono, Paul Burke, William Devane, Cloris Leachman, and Martin Sheen
Moon of the Wolf (1972) with David Janssen, Bradford Dillman, John Beradino, and Geoffrey Lewis
The Man (1972) with James Earl Jones, Martin Balsam, Burgess Meredith, Lew Ayres, and William Windom
The Eyes of Charles Sand (1972) with Peter Haskell, Joan Bennett, Bradford Dillman, Adam West, Gary Clarke, and Don 'Red' Barry
Cutter (1972)
Suddenly Single (1971) with Hal Holbrook, Margot Kidder, Agnes Moorehead, Michael Constantine, Harvey Korman, and Cloris Leachman
Strategy of Terror (1969) with Hugh O'Brian and Neil Hamilton
Hombre (1967) with Paul Newman, Fredric March, Richard Boone, Cameron Mitchell, Martin Balsam, and David Canary
The Unknown (1964) with Cedric Hardwicke, David McCallum, and Vera Miles
Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964) with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Peter Falk, and Victor Buono
Come Blow Your Horn (1963) with Frank Sinatra, Lee J. Cobb, Jill St. John, Dan Blocker, Phyllis McGuire, Dean Martin, and Grady Sutton
Strangers When We Meet (1960) with Kirk Douglas, Kim Novak, Ernie Kovacs, Walter Matthau, Roberta Shore, and Nancy Kovack
The Bramble Bush (1960) with Richard Burton, Jack Carson, and Angie Dickinson
The Young Philadelphians (1959) with Paul Newman, Alexis Smith, Brian Keith, Robert Vaughn, Otto Kruger, Adam West, and Anthony Eisley
Harry Black and the Tiger (1958) with Stewart Granger
The Young Lions (1958) with Marlon Brando, Montgomery Clift, Dean Martin, Hope Lange, and Lee Van Cleef
No Down Payment (1957) with Joanne Woodward, Sheree North, Tony Randall, Jeffrey Hunter, and Cameron Mitchell
Oh, Men! Oh, Women! (1957) with Dan Dailey, David Niven, Ginger Rogers, and Natalie Schafer
Flight to Hong Kong (1956) with Rory Calhoun, Werner Klemperer, Mel Welles, and Rhodes Reason
Bigger Than Life (1956) with James Mason and Walter Matthau
World in My Corner (1956) with Audie Murphy and Jeff Morrow
Kiss of Fire (1955) with Jack Palance, Rex Reason, and Martha Hyer
Captain Lightfoot (1955) with Rock Hudson and Jeff Morrow
The Black Shield of Falworth (1954) with Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, Herbert Marshall, and Dan O'Herlihy
Magnificent Obsession (1954) with Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson, Agnes Moorehead, Otto Kruger, and Gregg Palmer
Taza, Son of Cochise (1954) with Rock Hudson, Gregg Palmer, Rex Reason, Morris Ankrum, and Lance Fuller
It Came from Outer Space (1953) with Richard Carlson, Charles Drake, Russell Johnson, and Kathleen Hughes
Prince of Pirates (1953) with John Derek
Flaming Feather (1952) with Sterling Hayden, Forrest Tucker, Arleen Whelan, Victor Jory, Richard Arlen, and Edgar Buchanan
When Worlds Collide (1951) with Richard Derr, John Hoyt, Larry Keating, Rachel Ames, Frank Cady, and Hayden Rorke
The First Legion (1951) with Charles Boyer, William Demarest, Lyle Bettger, Leo G. Carroll, and Wesley Addy
Quebec (1951) with John Drew Barrymore, Corinne Calvet, Patric Knowles, and John Hoyt
The Goldbergs (1951) with Gertrude Berg

All My Children, 1970-present ABC daytime TV series. Rush portrayed Nola Orsini during the 1992-1993 season
Hearts Are Wild, 1992 TV series. Rush portrayed Caroline Thorpe
Flamingo Road, 1981-1982 NBC TV series. Rush portrayed Eudora Weldon
The New Dick Van Dyke Show, 1971-1974 CBS TV series. Rush portrayed Margot Brighton
Peyton Place, 1964-1969 ABC TV series. Rush portraed Marsha Russell during the 1968-1969 season
Saints and Sinners, 1962-1963 TV series. Rush portrayed Liz 'Lizzie' Hogan

7th Heaven, episode Gimme' That Ol' Time Religion, originally aired February 18, 2007
7th Heaven, episode Tit for Tat, originally aired February 11, 2007
7th Heaven, episode Home Run, originally aired September 26, 2005
7th Heaven, episode Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn, originally aired November 4, 2002
7th Heaven, episode Holy War: Part 2, originally aired May 20, 2002
7th Heaven, episode One Hundred, originally aired January 29, 2001
7th Heaven, episode The Tattle Tale Heart, originally aired September 20, 1999
The Outer Limits, episode Balance of Nature, originally aired September 4, 1998
7th Heaven, episode ...And Girlfriends, originally aired May 11, 1998
7th Heaven, episode It's About George..., originally aired April 28, 1997
7th Heaven, episode Seven Is Enough, originally aired February 3, 1997
Relativity, episode Unsilent Night, originally aired December 29, 1996
Burke's Law, episode Who Killed the World's Greatest Chef?, originally aired March 21, 1995
Guns of Paradise, episode Bad Blood, originally aired February 1, 1991
Hooperman, episode Surprise Party, originally aired May 18, 1988
Hooperman, episode Nick Derringer, P.I., originally aired May 4, 1988
Murder, She Wrote, episode A Fashionable Way to Die, originally aired September 20, 1987
Magnum, P.I., episode The Aunt Who Came to Dinner, originally aired March 18, 1987
Hotel, episode Scapegoats, originally aired January 22, 1986
Glitter, episode The Runaway, originally aired December 26, 1985
Hotel, episode Anniversary, originally aired February 20, 1985
Finder of Lost Loves, episode A Gift, originally aired December 8, 1984
Magnum, P.I., episode Blind Justice, originally aired November 8, 1984
Masquerade, episode Sleeper, originally aired April 13, 1984
Fantasy Island, episode Sweet Life/Games People Play, originally aired January 14, 1984
Family Feud, episode Battle of the Perfect 10s, originally aired November 20, 1983
Knight Rider, episode Goliath: Part 1, originally aired October 2, 1983
Matt Houston, episode Whose Party Is It Anyway?, originally aired January 23, 1983
Fantasy Island, episode The Curse of the Moreaus/My Man Friday, originally aired October 16, 1982
The Love Boat, episode Not Now, I'm Dying/Eleanor's Return/Too Young to Love, originally aired November 24, 1979
The Love Boat, episode My Sister, Irene/The 'Now' Marriage/Second Time Around, originally aired January 13, 1979
The Eddie Capra Mysteries, episode Dying Declaration, originally aired December 15, 1978
Fantasy Island, episode The Island of Lost Women/The Flight of Great Yellow Bird, originally aired November 25, 1978
ABC Weekend Specials, episode Portrait of Grandpa Doc, originally aired November 5, 1977
The Bionic Woman, episode Jaime's Mother, originally aired March 24, 1976
Ellery Queen, episode The Adventure of Auld Lang Syne, originally aired September 11, 1975
Ellery Queen, episode The Adventure of the Sinister Scenario, originally aired February 8, 1976
Mannix, episode Design for Dying, originally aired March 23, 1975
Cannon, episode Lady on the Run, originally aired March 5, 1975
Police Story, episode Chief, originally aired March 19, 1974
Medical Center, episode Choice of Evils, originally aired January 21, 1974
The New Dick Van Dyke Show, episode Balzac, Come Home, originally aired January 14, 1974
The New Dick Van Dyke Show, episode She Kisses Like a Dead Mackerel, originally aired October 29, 1973
The New Dick Van Dyke Show, episode Those Who Care, originally aired September 10, 1973
The Streets of San Francisco, episode Shattered Image, originally aired March 22, 1973
Medical Center, episode Impact, originally aired February 14, 1973
Ironside, episode Cold Hard Cash, originally aired December 14, 1972
Maude, episode Maude's Reunion, originally aired November 28, 1972
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law, episode Words of Summer, originally aired September 14, 1972
Cade's County, episode Jessie, originally aired March 12, 1972
McCloud, episode Give My Regrets to Broadway, originally aired February 23, 1972
Medical Center, episode Awakening, originally aired February 23, 1972
Marcus Welby, M.D., episode Don't Talk About Darkness, originally aired February 22, 1972
Rod Serling's Night Gallery, episode Cool Air/Camera Obscura/Quoth the Raven, originally aired December 8, 1971
Ironside, episode Ring of Prayer, originally aired October 12, 1971
Mod Squad, episode Kicks Incorporated, originally aired January 12, 1971
Love, American Style, episode Love and the Father/Love and the Motel, originally aired September 25, 1970
Medical Center, episode A Life Is Waiting, originally aired October 15, 1969
Marcus Welby, M.D., episode Silken Threads and Silver Hooks, originally aired October 14, 1969
Mannix, episode A Copy of Murder, originally aired November 2, 1968
Batman, episode Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club, originally aired January 18, 1968
Batman, episode Louie's Lethal Lilac Time, originally aired January 11, 1968
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Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre, episode Storm Crossing, originally aired December 7, 1966
Laredo, episode Miracle at Massacre Mission, originally aired March 3, 1966
The Fugitive, episode Landscape with Running Figures: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired November 16 and 23, 1965
Dr. Kildare, episode Daily Flights to Olympus, originally aired October 26, 1965
Dr. Kildare, episode With Hellfire and Thunder, originally aired October 19, 1965
Convoy, episode The Many Colors of Courage, originally aired October 8, 1965
Kraft Suspense Theatre, episode In Darkness, Waiting: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired January 14 and 21, 1965
Password All-Stars, episode Barbara Rush vs. Gene Kelly, originally aired January 14, 1965
The Outer Limits, episode The Forms of Things Unknown, originally aired May 4, 1964
Ben Casey, episode From Too Much Love of Living, originally aired December 11, 1963
Password All-Stars, episode Barbara Rush vs. Hugh O' Brian, originally aired October 23, 1963
Saints and Sinners, episode New Lead Berlin, originally aired January 28, 1963
Saints and Sinners, episode The Home-Coming Bit, originally aired January 7, 1963
The Dick Powell Theatre, episode The Honorable Albert Higgins, originally aired January 1, 1963
Saints and Sinners, episode Luscious Lois, originally aired November 19, 1962
The Eleventh Hour, episode Make Me a Place, originally aired October 17, 1962
Saints and Sinners, episode Dear George, the Siamese Cat Is Missing, originally aired September 17, 1962
G.E. True Theater, episode A Very Special Girl, originally aired March 11, 1962
Theatre '62, episode Notorious, originally aired December 10, 1961
Frontier Circus, episode The Smallest Target, originally aired October 12, 1961
Checkmate, episode The Dark Divide, originally aired November 19, 1960
Playhouse 90, episode Alas, Babylon, originally aired April 3, 1960
Sunday Showcase, episode What Makes Sammy Run?: Parts 1 and 2, originally aired September 27 and October 4, 1959
Lux Playhouse, episode The Connoisseur, originally aired October 31, 1958
Suspicion, episode The Voice in the Night, originally aired March 24, 1958
Playhouse 90, episode The Troublemakers, originally aired November 21, 1957
Matinee Theatre, episode Wuthering Heights, originally aired April 8, 1957
Lux Video Theatre, episode Night Song, originally aired February 16, 1956
Lux Video Theatre, episode The Amazing Mrs. Halliday, originally aired October 6, 1955
Lux Video Theatre, episode Shadow of a Doubt, originally aired March 24, 1955
Lux Video Theatre, episode Gavin's Darling, originally aired April 22, 1954

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